September 8, 2014

T.V. Talk

Often I wonder why we have cable.  Actually, we have DirecTV and the reason why is because it's pretty straight-forward and I like being able to add HBO or Showtime on a whim when a new season of a favorite show comes around.  It's also annoyingly expensive, but that's the price we pay for new episodes of Homeland, I guess.  There are very few shows that I watch on regular old t.v.  I even tried to switch to a cheaper plan a few months back but that would cancel AMC and that is part of the whole reason we have it.  So then we'd be paying for t.v. service that I really don't even use.  Maybe when our two years is up…

Enter the Netgear box.  We have two of them.  Because we had one and clearly needed one for the other t.v.  It just lets you watch Netflix on your t.v. and it is probably the most fantastic invention of our time, after Netflix itself.

However, as I'm scrolling through the lists of shows to watch, the same ones pop up over and over again and I wish Netflix would just take a hint because I'm really not interested in the following…

1.  Scandal
I tried 2 episodes.  Didn't hold my interest.  Not a Kerry Washington fan.

2.  Revenge
We watched the first 5 or 6 episodes back in 2011 and then lost interest.  I think Scott might've kept watching but, without me to remind him it was on, he forgot about it.

3.  Parenthood
This show gives me an actual headache.  I've written about it before, but the subplots buried within subplots and the cast and the camerawork and the writing….it's not my thing.  Everyone always likes to talk about how it makes them cry.  I don't watch t.v. to cry.  Especially because this show was in its heyday when I was living alone in Alaska.  I needed t.v. that wouldn't make me cry.

4.  House of Cards
Liked the first season.  Couldn't get into the second season.  This makes me feel like a failure at Netflix.

5.  Revolution
Again, liked the first 2-3 episodes and I think Scott watched further into that first season than I did.  I think I was expecting zombies or something to pop up.  Goodness knows it desperately needed something to make it more interesting…

6.  Orange is the New Black
We didn't make it past the first episode because I don't think either of us really found it funny or amusing.  Also, I don't really think prison is "funny".
Leading to…

7.  Prison Break
Really enjoyed the first season.  The middle of the second season left us kind of bored and that's where we stopped.  Maybe someday…

8.  American Horror Story
LOVED the first season.  It was terrifying.  Connie Britton, Kate Mara, Dylan McDermott…Great casting.  The asylum season was boring and unnecessary to me.  And then I couldn't get into the witches.  Maybe the circus will be better?  I think this one is dependent on cast.  Starts on FX October 8th.

9.  The Vampire Diaries
I've heard so much about this show in recent years and since I'd watched Gossip Girl and loved it, I figured maybe everyone was right about TVD too.  Eh.  Not in my case.  Incredibly boring.  Like the equivalent of watching the last episode of True Blood 18 times in a row before I finally gave up.

10. Fringe
This show isn't on anymore, but Scott and I started watching when we first started dating because it premiered in the fall of 2008.  We were obsessed.  We watched religiously for the first season and half the 2nd season.  Thursday night was pizza and Fringe, always.  When he deployed, I DVR'd it and he caught up when he came home.  At some point, I lost interest and he kept watching.  Then it just got too ridiculous and we gave up altogether.  Never did finish it.  Have you seen it?  I think it ended last year?

What TV am I excited about for fall?  Well, Homeland is back on Showtime on October 5th (note to self:  order Showtime) and Once Upon a Time is back on ABC on September 28th.  The Walking Dead also returns to AMC on October 12th. Per usual, Sunday is the busiest night of the week!

What's on your fall line-up?

(No one has paid me or asked me to talk about t.v.  This is a service I provide to you all for free.  You're definitely welcome.)


  1. I'm so glad I'm not alone in some of this. I stopped watching parenthood when J moved out in 2012. I love the complexities of the characters and the entire premise of the show (i'm a family girl), but in a time when i couldn't stop crying--I didn't need TV to set me over the edge. I watched Revenge up until the episode that they were "leading up to" from the first episode in the first season. It pissed me off so badly (and kind of lost me) so I gave up. I've tried TVD several times too--I'm not a vampire girl and this show bored me.

  2. I am currently watching season 2 of Orange is the New Black, and I like it. It has gone into the stories of the other characters.

    I am waiting for fall tv to start on network tv. I watch The Big Bang Theory, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

  3. I appreciate and love you even more for your taste in television that is similar to mine.

  4. We don't have cable. We use netflix, hulu and then the uverse app through my brother in law, which doesn't show all the shows anyway. But I'm already hooked on various ones.

    Parenthood's last season is this upcoming one. I'm sad as I like that show. I got into OITNB but not many of those other shows.

  5. I loved the second season of House of Cards, it did take a few episodes to get into a flow but it turned out great.

  6. I don't have my head around fall TV yet, I'm living in Netflix Nirvana on House of Cards, Dawson's Creek (so much different watching it as an adult), and The Wire.

    I do keep looking for premieres in my issues of Entertainment Weekly.

    I know Sons of Anarchy starts today I think/sometime this week, but I'm over a season behind on that.

  7. We don't have cable, as you know, and really the only time I wish we did is when I'd like to be actually caught up on shows like The Walking Dead. The rest of the time, I'm glad we don't pay for it. Plus, our internet ALONE is $130 a month (not unlimited, even) and adding cable would just be way too unaffordable.

    I don't understand crying at Parenthood, either. Honestly, I've never cried once at that show - but almost every single episode I'm yelling at one or another of the characters for being stupid or being clueless as to how to raise a child that isn't a complete and utter brat. Hopping off my soapbox before I get in trouble...

    I've watched Scandal, I don't mind it, except for the glamorization of infidelity (but his marriage is bad so it's okay?)...I sound like a total prude, good grief.

    Revolution was boring...

    We watched a few seasons of Prison Break but got bored once he ended up BACK in prison in whatever country he was in.

    House of Cards never really looked that interesting to me..

    HATED Orange is the New Black...

    And I'm hoping they put the "witches" season of American Horror Story on Netflix soon. I'm with you - I loved the first season, the asylum was kind of bizarre and boring, and I'm interested to see how season 3 is. And of course I'm looking forward to watching season 4 eventually, because circus people intrigue me.

    Not into vampires so haven't watched Vampire Diaries...and I can't think of what Fringe is off the top of my head.

    Mostly I'm just excited because the "new" seasons of New Girl, Parks and Rec, and The Walking Dead are supposed to be on Netflix later this month so I can FINALLY catch up.

  8. We have Directv and I would love to completely cancel it. I barely watch any tv at all. If I do, it's old episodes of Full House with the kids. I just don't watch tv by myself. I get that I'm weird. I used to watch tv in bed sometimes, like The Golden Girls or Roseanne, but while trying to save money, we sent 2 of our tv boxes back. The husband watches a lot of sports though and the kids do watch tv, but they could do without.

  9. You are not alone!! We have DirecTV, too, but would love to get rid of it, but we both LOVE football! Ha!

    I recently spoke to someone in the "Retention" department of DirecTV and got our bill down about $40. Last summer I went down a package because we weren't using it and then suddenly our bill started creeping up again. I explained my frustration and the retention dept was actually quite helpful!

    That said, when we move this fall, we are going to try some internet options before jumping into a contract of any kind!

  10. Orange is the new black is the only show i could get into on your list. I dont understand the appeal of any of the others! Honestly, I would rather watch repeats of something.

  11. I do watch Scandal and Revenge, but it took a couple episodes for me to get in to. I only put up with Vampire Diaries because I like The Originals and they sort of cross paths from time to time.

    I also watch The Good Wife, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Pretty Little Liars, Law and Order SVU, and Grimm.

  12. All the shows you don't like are shows I like! Well, most of them!!! I know how you feel about paying for cable, though!

  13. Season 4 of Prison Break helps make up for the horror of season 3. Which was terrible,

    I could not make it past the first 5 minutes of House of Cards. He killed a dog. That killed it for me. I don't watch most of those other shows, either, and we missed all of season 3 of Once Upon a Time. We're catching up now.

    I am looking forward to The Following, Sons of Anarchy, and Justified. Also Parks and Rec.

  14. We haven't had cable for almost 3 years. Great decision! I've watched a lot of those shows and like them, love Fringe though it did get weird a few times, and love a lot of other shows. We power through a lot. Right now I'm finally finishing GoT (not Netflix...)

  15. I've never seen a single episode of any of the shows you don't watch, but I remember them constantly being suggested on Netflix. These days we just watch whatever TV shows happen to be on China's version of youtube/netflix (it's free). Currently that's Elementary. I'm going to have to find a way to watch Once Upon a Time when it comes out!

  16. I added Once Upon a Time to my Netflix list. After I finish. Gossip Girl, I plan to give it a shot. :)

  17. I haven't watched any of the shows you mentioned, but I definitely understand the starting & stopping with shows. I have quite a short TV attention span. To watch something through 5 seasons is long for me; I usually last 3. Though, in my own defense, I feel that if you can't tell a solid story in 5 seasons, something is wrong.

    We're working through Criminal Minds right now - my hubs and I love crime shows! - and Supernatural, off and on. Fringe is on our "to watch" list!


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