September 25, 2014

Stuff and Things 9/25

+This is the pantry door I painted over the weekend.  Scott is a fan of bold colors and I'm not necessarily, so this was a nice compromise.  Now I can paint the kitchen gray or something. I bought this sign at World Market a month ago and it's become the inspiration for the rest of the kitchen.  A deconstructed, modern/antique styled kitchen.

+New countertops are coming Monday.  This is the most exciting development yet.

+Pumpkin Swap partners have been sent out!  If you haven't heard from your partner yet, please let me or Becky know.  And please, let's thank Becky for sending out the partners.  I really appreciate her taking on that responsibility!  

+I have a pretty loose definition of country music.  I don't like the stuff that's blasted on the radio.  I prefer to explore my Pandora stations. This song has been everywhere though and, while I enjoy it, it can't possibly be classified as country.

These are the thoughts I have on my 30-some minute commute.  I've been meaning to mention this for weeks.

+Remember back when I had a borderline inappropriate crush on Hunter Hayes? I now find myself listening to a lot of Thomas Rhett.  No tour dates in Colorado anytime soon.  And he's only like 4 years younger than me, so not nearly as inappropriate.  

+Speaking of young, I set up a retirement account the other day.  This is in addition to the automatic withdrawal one provided by my district.  When the consultant asked me how much "liquid" I brought home each month, I was a bit flustered to realize I didn't really know.  Also, I couldn't stop thinking of Chuck Bass after that.

I was going to be all, "Hehe, 'liquid' equals Chuck Bass in my mind.  How bout you? Do you watch Gossip Girl?". But considering that the consultant was a 30 year old male who already presumed me to be an idiot, I decided against it.  


  1. Retirement accounts and college funds make me feel super old but responsible. Can't wait to see those counter tops. Beautiful.

  2. If you get a chance, you should totally go see a concert at Red Rocks. Beautiful!!

  3. I really really love how the door came out. I'm excited for your counter tops to arrive too!

    Can all blog posts end with Chuck Bass? That would be a dream.

  4. I absolutely love the pantry door, it looks amazing.

  5. Your door turned out so well! I like it a lot. And I'm excited to see your new island/counter tops.

    Retirement accounts...yeah, I let Isaiah deal with all that jazz. He has a decent one through his job, I don't, but soon it'll all be changing (hopefully) anyway.

    OMG I just realized I never started watching Gossip Girl again. I think once I found out who Gossip Girl is, I lost interest.

  6. I love the door.

    I keep meaning to get on grown up things like starting an IRA but stuff just gets in the way.

  7. I really like "Leave the Night On" and thanks for hosting the Pumpkin Swap again!

  8. I love how you did the pantry door! I actually hate the teal accent wall we did. I kept saying I wanted to go bold and do it. Jason made me, because he says I am so indecisive. EVERYONE loves it. I'm like, "please be honest, because if enough people tell me they hate it, I can change it", but everyone says they love it. The rest of our walls are grey and I am in lust. Also, I like both of those country songs!

  9. I'm so excited to shop for the swap this weekend! :) Love the door! And I also love that since I've now seen all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl, I totally get your reference!!

  10. I'm running a little behind on blog stuff this week (sigh). I'm absolutely LOVING that door. And, uh. Maybe we need to set up a retirement account too. Le'sigh.


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