August 28, 2014

Stuff and Things 8/28

Skirt: Loft // Shirt: JCP // Boots: Famous Footwear

It's starting to get chilly here in the mornings.  So I, not feeling high heels today, threw on a pair of boots.  So comfy I forgot they were on.  It was 85 degrees after school.  Then I remembered I had boots on (and a sweater).  

True Blood was officially better before they started doing the time-jumping.  There's been 3 major time jumps, if my memory serves me correctly.  Between seasons 3 and 4 (when Sookie goes to faerie land), between episode 9 and episode 10 of season 6 (when we all of a sudden see Sookie settled down with Alcide) and between the 58.5 minute mark and the 62.4 minute mark of the series finale on Sunday (that might not be totally accurate..).
It means they DON'T have to explain anything and they don't have to further character development and I hate it.  Almost as much as I hated that finale.
The jump between seasons 3 and 4 actually kinda worked and they threw everyone into a new place and I kinda liked seeing where the characters ended up.  However, after that they just used it as a lazy explain-away and I don't appreciate that.
Anyway.  Long live season 4.5.  Halfway through season 4 it started going downhill and that was that.
Brian Buckner answers our burning questions for us…I felt a little better after reading that.

Around here, things are looking like this.

It's very unsettling…I have no oven, no dishwasher, no microwave, no counter space, and there's not really a floor…Thank goodness for Scott's 4-day weekend coming up. 

Last but not least, The Great Pumpkin Swap is coming!  I swore I wouldn't do this swap stuff again just because it always makes me feel like a bad person…mailing my package on the day (or later) than it's supposed to be shipped out.  Because I will go to the ends of the earth (and back) to avoid the post office.  However, I love fall.  I love giving gifts.  I love blog friends.  And I couldn't say no when Becky asked if I was interested.  Get your mugs, candy corn, and fuzzy socks ready…

Sign-ups start September 15th


  1. I really love that colorblock tank! With is still so warm here I don't think I can contemplate wearing shoes that actually require socks for a while yet, but boots in general are about the best footwear ever invented.

  2. I'm so ready to break out my boots but it's just a tad too warm here still!

    That Fall Swap sounds like fun :)

  3. Soon we will break out boots in Florida and sweat to death all in the name of fashion, lol. You look cute!

  4. I nearly dropped my mental basket when our kitchen was ripped apart during the reno. Hang in there!

    I dropped True Blood after Bill drank Lilith. I'd had enough.

  5. I am so excited for The Great Pumpkin Swap! It's probably my favorite. :)

  6. I am really sad to hear that True Blood goes downhill around season 4 because that is where I am. I know, I am totally behind but I just found time to watch TV as a result of an injury. We just finished watching the one where they are working on restoring Eric's memory.

  7. I don't know how you're functioning. I can't stand the chaos! haha! It's going to be SO worth it in the end though!!!

  8. Yaaayy I am so excited the Great Pumpkin Swap is back! That swap holds a special place in my heart because after being paired, Amanda and I became IRL best friends and she's even in my wedding next month. I'll be participating for sure :)

  9. I think kitchen renovations are the worst. They're awesome when they're finished (which is basically what you have to keep repeating to yourself over...and over...and over...) but they're such a nightmare in the meantime!!

    I wish shipping to/from Alaska wasn't freaking ridiculous. I'd like to do a swap sometime.

  10. I loved the Pumpkin Swap a few years ago. Such a cute idea.

  11. Last year, when school started it was insanely hot in my room for the first three days. The next week, it was so cold in my room, it was unbearable. I ended up breaking out boots AND leggings for being in the building, but it was so hot when we were outside for recess!

    It is SO stressful when you're doing construction on a house. I feel your pain.

    Can't wait for the swap! :) I'll probably share my teaser this week because I already had all of last week's posts scheduled!


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