August 21, 2014

Stuff and Things 8/21

*First, I've been getting a lot of no-reply blogger comments lately, and it makes me sad because some of them are questions and I can't answer.  However, I've been subpar at best when it comes to replying to comments lately, so this obviously isn't an excuse.  But please check anyway!*

Dress: Gap // Sweater and sandals: Target

I make it a point to not drink soda.  It's empty calories and carbonation isn't good for anyone's stomach. However, I've probably had 3 Pepsis and a Coke in the last 2 weeks.  The Coke was because they didn't serve Pepsi.  Something about going back to work always pushes me to needing a fizzy, sugary pick-me-up and I haven't been craving coffee at all lately.  However, I DO draw the line at diet soda.  Never.

We ordered a cooktop and a farm sink.  When they'll be installed and functional, I cannot say.  But they will be sitting in the basement by next week.  Life is hard, I guess.

We have a plan for where they will go and the process of how to get them there (along with that double oven that is still in the basement) but it can't happen when Scott is working 70 hour weeks.  

Are you watching The Leftovers?  Thoughts?  I don't even know where to start, so I'd like you to go first.

I don't understand this ice bucket stuff.  Oh, sorry.  #icebucket stuff.  
I mean, incurable diseases are terrible.  And you can argue with me here, but am I understanding this correctly?  Someone challenges you to donate to a charity.  If you don't want to donate, you pour a bucket of ice over your head instead?  I get that those videos everywhere are raising awareness, but…  I mean, Scott and I donate to charity, but if the point is awareness and raising money…why are you pouring ice over your head instead of giving to charity?  Can anyone clear this up for me?  Here's a Slate article I read.

When you realize your dog is the problem, it's depressing.  Jett is in need of a live-in nanny.  I can't deal with him anymore.

They sit there and "Hmph" at me when it's past 5:00pm and they haven't been fed.  (And notice the floors…plural.  Sigh.)  Anyway, Jett is the Jason Stackhouse of dogs.  Pretty and kinda dumb.  Either he's super smart and pretends he can't hear you or he's truly that out of it.  

Only one more episode of True Blood.  I don't know how I feel about that.

We did all kinds of stuff in Denver last weekend and I haven't told you about any of it because I've barely looked through the pictures.  I've been kinda laying low on social media lately, which is why I didn't Instagram anything.  I've felt very much in my own little world for the last few weeks.  I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Maybe we don't need Twitter to turn the world 'round, after all.  What do you think?

Denver Botanical Gardens


  1. My understanding of the challenge (at least around here in the south) it's that your challenged a certain amount (usually very steep). If you do the ice bucket thing, you donate what you can/a more manageable amount. Either way, I find it hard to hate on because its spike in donations in just one day was astronomical. If nothing else, it raises awareness. J's been watching the leftovers (and I'm usually working on the couch). I've caught a few seconds here and there's a weird show haha!

  2. I've been tagged in the ice bucket challenge several times already as has Kyle. We aren't doing it. We would rather just donate the money. Raising awareness should happen everyday not just because some viral challenge is telling is to.

  3. The ALS ice bucket challenge is important to raise awareness for a disease that has had little to mo recognition in the the past. How do you raise awareness without doing something. Exposure=donations. Please read this article and share it with your readers such as Jen above. My dad has had ALS for ten years and maybe we can find a cure. 13 million dollars with donations pouring in is huge!

  4. The gardens look beautiful! I totally understand the random feeling to not share quite as much online, I go through that phase often!

    I also don't really understand the point of the challenge, although they raised over 8.6 million in one day so it is working and people are talking about ALS. I personally see no need to pour ice water over my head (and I thought you poured the ice water and then still donated so clearly I don't get it).

    Another gorgeous gap dress- you're sure you aren't doing Skirtember this year!?!?!?!?

  5. My dog Lily is just like Jett. I swear she is high maintenance and needs to constantly be occupied. Sometimes I am just drained from it!

    I really didn't get the concept of the ALS challenge either (the first video I saw was my brother doing it) and then I kept seeing people do it. I challenged my cousin who did it in honor of his friends that have it so i knew all the donations were going to a good cause.

  6. Oskar is our "un-sharp" one, and Jason and I joke the same thing; is he that "off", or he is a genuis pretending this whole time penning a book about us stupid humans? LOL...I am still IG and tweeting but have little desire for much else. I blame new house blues and reali life (work). Also, I am so very excited to see this farm sink!

  7. I go through a phase every year in the summer where I'm like too much too much and I pull back from media.

    FARM SINK! One of my major wants. I can't wait to see it installed.

  8. Cute dress! I totally understand feeling the need to lay low on social media. I'm still blogging but there are times where I feel like it takes too much effort and I'm over it. Maybe it's just the beginning of the year?

  9. I was basically criticized for sharing an article on my FB page that was called "The Ice Bucket Challenge Why You're Not Helping." Yes, I realize that doing the challenge has brought awareness to a horrible disease that people don't know much about. Yes, I realize that the ALSA has raised more money in the last month than all of last year. The point of the article was that dumping water on yourself for social media vain-ness may bring awareness, but MONEY will actually help. Scott was nominated, so he did the challenge, and we also made a donation. You are supposed to either do the challenge OR donate $100. Apparently, if you do the challenge, you can donate whatever amount you want. I actually think A LOT of people are doing both, which makes me feel better about the abundance of cold, wet people on my Facebook feed. ;)

  10. I wanted to start watching True Blood... never seen it.

    I HATE when I can't respond back - especially when they ask questions :(

  11. HEY - are you doing the Skirtember again this year? :)

  12. I've been to the Denver Botanical Gardens. Its nice to look at the flowers. I don't know that I understand the #icebucket challenge but I've seen it. I'm not sure that its raised my awareness of diseases or anything. My cats are such high maintenance that I think its going to break my husband. They are being unbearable at the moment. Post more about Denver and the Springs! I miss living there. If I was a no-reply blogger, please let me know.

  13. Surely Jett could do no wrong...he's so cute!! ;)

    Soda used to be my caffeinated beverage of choice; we completely stopped buying it now, and it has been one of the best decisions we could've made!

  14. I drink way too much soda...WAY to much!

    I don't really understand the whole ice bucket challenge either. I guess as long as there is money being raised for a good cause then okay!

    Love your dress...great color!

  15. My dog is the dumbest smart dog I know. For a border collie, he's up their in smarts, but he can be pretty dumb most of the time...


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