July 31, 2014

Stuff and Things 7/31: Pet Peeves

I'm feeling really off this week so, warning, bitterness ahead.  These are my pet peeves…

Throwback Thursday.  Oh, I'm sorry. I meant #tbt.  I don't particularly like seeing grainy old pictures all over Facebook and Twitter every Thursday.  I've actually started avoiding a lot of social media on this day of the week.  I was going to add in a #tbt picture of me, but I couldn't figure out how to work Scott's scanner.  That's a true story.

So here's one that's already on my computer…
July 2012, one of the 2 times in my adult life that I've gone camping.
 #tbt #throwbackthursday #memories

When companies send me emails asking me to put their content together into a blog post.  I'm totally not interested.  I will not create a collage based on your images and schill it to my readers (is it even anything to buy?  usually not) if I or my readers get nothing in return.  Good Lord, throw in a giveaway or something.  And then I see the same posts on all these other blogs?  No thanks.  Please, at least make it somewhat relevant to the things I already talk about on this blog.

When people say all the "sugar" goes straight to their head and makes them sick.  I'm sorry you ate too much sugar.  Get over it.  And it's usually not a real definition of "too much".  Too much for me is usually a medium concrete mixer from Culver's and I think that's just the fact that it's a copious amount of ice cream, not necessarily the sugar. I used to eat giant boxes of Nerds in one sitting and want more.  Two cookies or a handful of M&Ms cannot, by any dictionary, be defined as too much. I truly hate when people use too much sugar (or chocolate) as an excuse for not feeling well.  I mean, man up already.

Disposing of dead mice.  I can't lie.  I have no pity for these so-called "God's creatures" and I'm not particularly fond of animals in general (save for a spaniel or two).  I don't care that the dozens of traps I've set (okay, Scott has set) are killing them.  In fact, when one wasn't quite dead the other day, Scott said, "Well, what am I supposed to do, KRISTIN?" and I said, "Just shoot it with something!" from where I was hiding in the corner.  I think he bashed its head in.  But like I said, I don't care.  If I could walk around with a small mouse-gun of some sort and get them that way, I would.  I just cannot stand seeing them in the traps.  I gag.  I scream.  It's really awful.  Yesterday, I had to get rid of one while Scott was at work and it was very traumatic.  It involved gloves, plastic bags, and an old pair of tongs.  The old-fashioned traps work the best so that's what we've been using.  I'm also terrified of one snapping on me.

When people use Comic Sans for anything.  Ever.  Going through the filing cabinets in my classroom, I can see that the teacher who occupied it last used Comic Sans as her choice of font.  I just can't.  I know that you sympathize with this.

Let's end with that.


  1. This is one of the many many reasons I love you. I canNOT stand when people get all whiney on the internet and start bashing shit just for fun--but somehow you did it and I read it and I enjoyed it. Because you know why? Because I KNOW you're not a miserable person. Okay, I got off topic. The blogging companies thing...I was sitting in a coffee shop once working when one of those emails came through. I read it through at least three times SURE I missed something. Upon realizing that I didn't, I actually said out loud "WHY would I do this?" The barista got a good laugh. I eat more sugar than any one person ever should. I also drink a shit ton of water and eat lots of veggies. Man up, people. Man up.

  2. Comic Sans is actually the worst. It screams 'Don't take me seriously'.

  3. I have strict TBT rules - you should only share it in one place and it should not be within the last five years unless it's your wedding anniversary and you're sharing a wedding photo.

    Why does Comic Sans still exist? Can't it be removed from options? Please, font people. Remove the option because people are still using it.

    Those emails. I did share one on osteoporosis once because I felt that it was good info that I would share on my own. Otherwise, delete. I am not schilling your company for you because you sent me a fake personal email without reading my blog.

    Sugar and gluten. Shut up about them.

  4. I use to use comic sans all the time until I came to my senses and found some other fun fonts ;)

    When does school start there?

  5. Oh how I loathe comic sans!

  6. ALL OF THESE. Also on the hated hashtag list...#wcw and #mcm (woman crush Wednesday and man crush Monday). Make it stop already.

    I don't understand the sugar thing, either. If someone has no self control and literally makes themselves sick from sugar (I can't say I've never done that) then...don't keep doing it. Or stop complaining about it.

    You know how I feel about Comic Sans, Papyrus, any of those cheesy fonts that weren't even meant to be used in a widespread way. Comic Sans was created FOR A CARTOON. And that's where it should have stayed.

  7. Oh yes, Comic Sans... the joy of my high school life. And I am so with you about the businesses trying to get something for nothing. I cannot even imagine how many hours those poor interns spend sending all of these emails to millions of blogs.

  8. I agree about those emails. I've done a couple because I'VE gotten something out of them (or could because it was a contest), and they were relevant to things I write about on my blog. But most of them are annoying.

    I used to LOVE Comic Sans......in college. I am now a Century Gothic girl.

  9. The teacher who was in the classroom before me had a thing for Comic Sans too. Every newsletter, handbook, note home...everything.

  10. Ive been getting more and more emails like that about doing blog post talking about a random topic and *maybe* the company will link it to their twitter. Like what do I gain from that? I don't understand.

  11. I was looking through postings for different counseling internships, and there was one to work at a center focused on grief and trauma...I thought it sounded interesting and when I clicked for more info, the description of services provided about all the different tragedies that occur were in Comic Sans. Reading about death, abuse, rape, mass casualty accidents, etc. in Comic Sans was a really bizarre experience, and such a turn off that I didn't apply to intern there! I mean, SERIOUSLY, WHY


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