July 10, 2014

Stuff and things. 7/10

1. I've been watching Weeds reruns (because why not?) and "little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same" is exactly how I would describe the nearest town to us.

2. Is anyone else annoyed with True Blood?  I'm not sure what happened to this show.  Seasons 1 through 3 left me holding my breath until the next episode.  In fact, Netflix DVDs couldn't arrive fast enough so I ran out to Wal-Mart at 10pm one night and bought the first 3 seasons.  That's passion for good t.v. Now, I'm just impatiently awaiting it to be over so I can find out what happens.  Also, I should really finish those books.  

3. We started watching The Leftovers.  It's interesting.  This is what I like about HBO.  They don't dumb it down.  They don't over explain.  You're left to your own critical thinking as you attempt to draw conclusions about what is happening.  So, while I'd love to tell you what The Leftovers is about, I have no idea.  I'm still figuring it out.  

Maybe HBO should reevaluate this "don't dumb it down" strategy and apply it to seasons 5-7 of True Blood.  

4.  I  found myself at Whole Foods last week, simply because it was there and that fact alone makes me happy.  I also went to a giant school supplies store and an Old Navy.  It was a big day.

I've heard things about brown rice sushi so I decided to grab some for me and took some home for Scott.  It was awful.  Sushi should never be covered in brown rice.  What a terrible $17 disappointment and a waste of crab, tuna, and avocado.  People who go on and on about brown rice sushi must have never had real sushi…or they don't have taste buds.  Either/or. 

On Monday, we got real sushi.  It wasn't the best we'd ever tried, but it was pretty good.  The service was also good (Sushi O Sushi = good customer service in the Springs).

However, the chicken teriyaki was so-so.

5.  Yesterday, I went to a new-teacher-insurance-sign-up.  I always opt out of the insurance because we have military coverage. I've been saving school districts money since 2010. There were lots of younger fresh-off-the-boat teachers.  I'm going to guess 22 or 23 years old?  They were opting out too….because they are still covered on their parents' plans.
I'd never felt so old before.

6.  I haven't done an outfit post since that nonsense back in May.  Say hello to my new deck.  I'm letting my hair grow, but it doesn't really show here.

Shirt: Target // Sandals: Old Navy // Pants:  JCPenney // Sunglasses: SimplyVera from Kohl's

7.  I feel like I haven't done any outfit posts because I feel completely uninspired.  I know that I need to start investing more in clothes that will last (i.e. not Old Navy), but I can't resist brands like Gap when they have clearance sales.  Sure, I could pay $52 for a pair of pants.  But it just feels better when I know I got them for much less.  I got a pair of amazing brown dress pants at the The Gap in Anchorage for $6 once.  Did I buy them when I weighed a few pounds more and they haven't really fit for the last couple of years?  Sure.  But they are beautiful.   

8.  Speaking of being old, I tweaked my lower back.  Scott said "from improper painting posture".  Yeah, okay.  When I go a few weeks without doing a lot of stretching, this sometimes happens because I like to sleep on my stomach and that's not good for you…or maybe I'm just old.


  1. I have yet to try brown rice sushi. I've heard mixed reviews. I think I might like it just because I usually prefer brown rice over white in general, but who knows. I don't eat sushi much because I can't eat soy sauce and sushi without soy sauce just isn't the same.

    22/23 year olds who are done with school and entering the workforce should not be allowed to still be on their parents' insurance. And that's all I'll say about that.

    New clothes are fun. I like that shirt.

  2. For me, there's just some things that shouldn't be made with brown rice. Fried brown rice isn't too good, either, and I'll take your word for it on the sushi!

    I really like your t-shirt! And yes, super-clearance at nice stores is the way to go. It's hard to find, though!

  3. I'm with you, a lot of my students parents wear fancy clothes (you know the kind you can tell are from the fancy stores) and I want to up my game to their level, somehow my $9 Old Navy skirts don't seem so fancy all of a sudden! But then I go in those fancy stores, look at the price tag and think of how many Old Navy skirts I can get for that price- and then I'm done!

  4. You're KILLING me with the sushi! For real, lady! There are so many things I would start doing again if/when I start bringing in an income--sushi WEEKLY would be one of them. That, and driving out to Garner for Target. Priorities. A few summers ago we got fleas (don't even...don't even start). I had to vacuum our 2 story FULLY CARPETED house twice a day for like....a month. I felt SO stupid because at the end of it, my back was out and I couldn't figure out why. THAT made me feel really, really old. I hope your back feels better soon, friend! I love your OOTD posts!

  5. When people start talking about quality blah blah, I can trot out at least 10 items that I've owned for more than six years that were less than $30 each at the Gap, Old Navy, or LOFT. They look good and have held up. Same with shoes, but that price is around $40 and under.

    Love that new deck.

    Holy crap, still covered on your parents' insurance, can you imagine?

  6. I thought insurance stopped for you on your parents if you were out of school and got a job? Who knows but yay for getting a job your first step into Colorado :)

  7. When I hear the words health insurance, I just want to cry... mine is awful...

    Hope your back is OK - I have low back pain & its the worst :(

  8. I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on True Blood. I'm so over it...but still watching it because I want to know how it will end.

  9. You know, nothing to do with your post really - but the picture... what a gorgeous view from your deck! I'm totally jealous. All I see from our balcony are roofs. At least we don't look into other people's windows! I'll join the link up next week!

  10. I have a hard time spending real money on clothes too.

  11. I need to watch The Leftovers, we started watching Tyrant on FX and it's awesome.

  12. Living in a temporary situation and not having my DVR is soooo cutting into my tv watching haha! I really like that outfit (and your new back deck).

  13. The insurance thing is so annoying. 23 year olds should not be on their parents' insurance.

  14. I want to watch The Leftovers but I keep forgetting about it. Thank god for On Demand! I'll have to do that this weekend.

    I don't mind brown rice sushi but the regular, white rice kind is exponentially better.

  15. God I wish I was still covered under my mom's insurance or had better insurance. NOTHING is seeming to be covered through the insurance from the marketplace so everything is costing me an arm & a leg. i might as well just drop it!

  16. I actually have pretty good luck with clothes from ON. I have stuff from there that I've had for YEARS! But there is definitely something very satisfying for getting something more expensive and/or higher quality for a really good deal!

    Also, I'm pretty sure you're not old because if you are, I am, and I can't accept that nonsense! ;)

  17. The tweaked lower back is the WORST. I did it a few years ago and I still have to be super careful. If I go for any length of time without stretching (a lot) I have trouble with it. Sleeping with a pillow between your legs helps a lot too. And the foam roller. Oh, the foam roller! :)


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