June 10, 2014

Go-to Vegetarian Dinner

I don't eat meat everyday.  I rarely crave it and don't miss it when I go a day or so without it. My favorite non-meat meal is a veggie quesadilla.  However, sometimes I get it into my head that I just want or need a really big salad for dinner.  I love this version of a salad because the mashed up avocado acts as a very creamy (and healthy) dressing.  We were eating a lot of this salad over the last couple of months in Missouri because it's easy and uses up a ton of fresh ingredients all at once.  (Anyone else guilty of buying produce and letting it rot away in the crisper?)

I don't even have a name for this salad, but maybe you've made something like it before.
Black beans, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado, a squirt of lime, and a sprinkle of sea salt.  Red onion would be great too, mixed in with the avocado.  

I mentioned that when we're in the process of moving into or out of a new house, I generally lose my appetite.  This time, since the process is definitely being prolonged with the remodeling, there is nothing I feel like cooking for dinner.  Like, nothing.  

What are your easy, go-to summer meals?  


  1. I *always* buy produce that ends up going bad. Sometimes I manage to salvage it (i.e. rubbery celery is still okay in soups, and last night I roasted some asparagus that had started to get a little dry on the tips) but usually I end up throwing things out every other week.

    This salad looks really good - you could even add some chickpeas or something to up the protein! Ooh and some salsa and crumbled tortilla chips would be good, like a meatless taco salad.

  2. In the last couple months I've gotten a lot better about not wasting produce--trying to figure out as many ways to use it as I can....last week I threw some romaine lettuce that was leftover from salads into the scrambled eggs we had for dinner. :P It worked. I definitely don't need to eat meat every day, but Angel's convinced he does.

  3. That salad looks really good!

  4. We are terribly guilty of letting produce rot. I think it's because we buy too much at once (usually because it's on sale, and we convince ourselves it's a good idea.).

  5. I'll typically make some cold pasta or potato salad and eat it alongside a regular salad for dinners in the summer. I'm big into no cooking.

  6. That looks delicious. I love colorful salads! At work yesterday they were making a salad w/ fresh strawberries and it was SO good!


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