May 11, 2014


Tomorrow, the #PilatesSummerSeries kicks off at The Balanced Life.  I'm all about Pilates and I'm all about *free* and that's exactly what this is!  A free series of Pilates for the month of May…a way to kick the summer off right!

I have to say that I am extra excited about this program because I've been in a major workout rut since…August?  If we're being honest, that's when it started, but it was just a few months ago that I took on the idea of, "Eh, oh well…someday I'll get into it again."  Right now just isn't the season of intense exercise for me.  

Truth be told, I miss my old gym in Alaska more than I care to think about, so I won't bore you with details again.  In Missouri, I haven't found my niche. There's very little continuity in classes, instructors, people…it's a completely different crowd than the one I grew accustomed to last summer, when working out was fun.  In Alaska, I fell in love with working out.  Here, I've broken up with it.  

So I just don't go to the gym.  But, I do Pilates almost everyday.  I have a few different workouts I go through, switching it up each day, and I still am a fan of the plank.  

I'm so glad that I'll have a new workout everyday for the rest of the month with this Pilates Summer Series.  I'm hoping this will jumpstart some kind of motivation (hidden deep inside me, obviously) that will kick me into gear for the summer.  Hopefully I find a fun, motivating place to pursue fitness in Colorado.  New state, new state of mind?  Let's hope so!  

It's not too late to get involved with the #PilatesSummerSeries.  The workouts will be posted daily at The Balanced Life.  I hope you give it a try!

*All opinions are my own…I really enjoy these workouts and the Pilates philosophy.*

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  1. I actually just went through some of the feb challenge she did. Not having 2 feet has really put a damper on the whole running thing--so I'm doing what I can with any workout that doesn't require me to be on my feet! I'll have to see what I can do from the summer challenge!!


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