April 14, 2014

You might notice…

Things have been a little sparse for me in the social media world lately.

That's because I managed to use up 90% of my phone's data plan 6 days into the new billing cycle.

In case you're curious how you, too, can achieve this: Watch several episodes of Mad Men and Friday Night Lights on your Netflix app while not connected to wi-fi.  I guarantee you the same results.

I especially hate that Scott gets the warning text messages too, instead of them just sending them to me, when I'm at my data limit.

Actually, what happened was that I used up 75% of the data just a few days into April…then I said, "No, Kristin.  You must stop."  And I did.  For a few days.

Then I started up again.  I thought, "It can't possibly use that much data", somehow forgetting the fact that I burned through 75% of it in less than 5 days.  

And that's when I (and Scott) got the 90% warning.

So then I deleted all the fun apps.  Seriously.  Gone.  Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook (which I had *just* re-added), etc.  I did not delete Instagram but I did stop posting on it and checking it every half hour.  Also, I would delete Safari if I could.  I'd been reading blogs on my lunch break.  I guess that draws data too.

For those of you who wonder why I can't just connect to wi-fi at work, I can.  But all the good websites/apps are blocked on the school's wi-fi.  Even Gmail.  So.  There's that.

I'm using my phone for texting and talking only.  It's quite the change.

However, all you've really missed out on are IG-filtered pictures of coffee, moscato, my dog, and the recent warm temperatures.

One last trip to Bass Pro…

May the force be with me:  12 more days in the billing cycle.


  1. I was seriously planning to text you today if I didn't see a post from you because you had me worried! I know things can change on a dime with y'all as far is The Big Life Things, so it just had me concerned that you'd been thrown a curve ball and were dealing with the chaos!! Stupid data plans--they need to bring back the unlimited data again!

  2. Ugh I did that once too when I was on my parents' plan, but that was because my mom forgot to turn her navigation off all the way from SC to NY haha... apparently that (and her constant Facebook stalking) uses a ton of data!! haha

  3. Keith and I have unlimited everything but once we hit our limit it will throttle our usage and make it slower. I have a status bar that is always on my phone showing me and what's really funny is that it jumps up a lot and I know Keith is on it for the Blues.

    Isn't the Bass Pro in Springfield amazing? I'll get to visit it again in August when we go to Branson for a family vacation.

  4. When I switched the phone from my mom's name to mine in November, I apparently lost all my unlimited data and such, which stinks! So I was left with 2 GB between the two of us and for the first two months, I kept going over. Luckily Verizon miraculously decided to give me an extra gb and I haven't had that happen since.

  5. I usually find a way to go over my data plan thankfully Kyle doesn't get those texts haha.

  6. I hate when that happens! Then I have to obsessively check that I'm on Wifi all the time, and it's just an annoyance. 12 days- you can do this!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  7. DAMN! You need to wifi like mad. Luckily if I'm at home and for some reason it doesn't pick up, I pick up my neighbor's.

  8. Oh my gosh! This JUST happened to me! We have NEVER gone over our data limit. In fact, we had 4 GB and were never even close, so we dropped it to 2 GB. Wouldn't you know shortly after that, I apparently used over 3 GB, and with Scott's data usage we went over.

    I totally didn't know that using my phone as a wifi hotspot to use my iPad used data. Whoops. Needless to say, on the 19th when our data starts over, I will be MUCH more cautious.


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