April 27, 2014

Thoughts on a t.v. show I never got around to in 2003

Growing up, we didn't have the WB network (now known as the CW).

So I never got to watch One Tree Hill.  (Or 7th Heaven, but that's another story).  I remember college friends talking about how much they loved it.  That was back before I separated good t.v. from bad t.v. in my head.  These are, in reality, the same people who probably watched Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

Regardless of that…Something has to be redeeming about it if it was on for 9 years, right?  Maybe not. This is the CW, after all.  The same brilliant minds who are behind Vampire Diaries.

In a fit of avoidance-fueled boredom, I started watching One Tree Hill on Netflix the other night.  My thoughts…

Crap.  This is like old t.v.

Oh, crap.  I was 17 when this show started.

Crap.  I'm old.

Did I dress like that?

Why the emo music?  I remember listening to that…maybe we were alllll like One Tree Hill eleven years ago.  Why must they use soundtrack to accompany every single scene?

Gavin DeGraw?  Really?  Meh.

Why doesn't anyone have a cell phone?  Oh, 5 episodes in they suddenly do.

I remember the CMM/SophiaBush debacle.  I read about it in People…when I was in college.

That girl looks like Rachel McAdams.  

Where is she from….?

Hey, Haley was Michelle Santos on Guiding Light.

I remember back when I would watch Guiding Light.

Did people really have permed hair in 2003?  I thought straight hair was the thing.  Maybe it's naturally curly.

Wait, is this why everyone started naming their children "Peyton"?  I was never sure where that name came from…

Where did they get the name One Tree Hill?  

Wait, why is everyone in Tree Hill related?  

This is like a poor man's Friday Night Lights.   Idontlikethis. #TimRiggins4eva

How have I already watched 9 episodes?  It's a school night.  

I should go grade papers.


I'll just watch one more episode.  I don't even like it but now I'm committed.  

178 more to go…

Just kidding.  I don't like it at all.


  1. I am finally finishing Gossip Girl after watching the first few seasons last year and I find myself asking very similar questions... You really want to feel old and question your adolescence, try Dawson's creek!

  2. I never watched One Tree Hill or 7th Heaven either!

  3. I watched one tree hill for the first season or two when it was on and loved it. I loved dashboard confessional which is pretty much the band of the show so it was perfect. I think I went back in the last few years and watched an episode or two (feeling nostalgic!) and was appalled at the show and at the fact that I once liked it! ;)

  4. Awww this makes me sad! lol I didn't watch One Tree Hill when it was actually on either but 2 years ago I had a surgery that put in bed for FIVE weeks so you know I got a lil bored! So I binge watched One Tree Hill, took me 5 months to watch EVERY episode and I loved it.

    Watched Dawsons Creek and I hated it BUT I felt obligated to finish it. Weird, I know.

    I am currently on Melrose Place....clearly I need another hobby ;)

  5. This is how I feel about a LOT of shows I never really got to watch as a teenager...Dawson's Creek being one of them. I saw a few episodes way back when but recently wanted to see what all the fuss was about... I made it through about 2.7 episodes before I decided 1) Teenagers do not talk like that and there's nothing I hate more than unrealistic teenage "philosophical" conversations and 2) Teenage "love" dramas are just...annoying. I don't like them in book form, either. I will make a minor exception for The Hunger Games.

  6. I am watching Dawson's Creek! HAHAHAHA!!


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