April 4, 2014

Because puppy.

I'm pretty sure the deal was sealed on a new puppy after I showed all these puppy pictures to Scott.  He's so susceptible.  Anyway, a new dog is on the way because we have had big plans for lots of land in Colorado.  However, as it usually goes, house issues are coming up already and we're very conflicted about what we should do.  Good thoughts and prayers appreciated!  This is proving to be a more stressful transition than we originally thought.

It's the end of a 5-day week, a tornado touched down on base last night so we had the pleasure of packing up the important papers and hiding out in the basement for awhile, and this post with pictures of my dog is all I've got in me at 6:12am.  It happens.  

I spent most of last summer blowing up my SD card with pictures of Scout.

I was looking through my iPhotos for inspiration for this post and Scott and I started looking at all the old pictures from July.  I took hundreds of pictures of this dog in the first few weeks we had him.  I realized, while Scott was looking at them, that I was the only person who'd ever seen them!  I'd sort through, pick out my favorites to share (lest I look crazy by postingallthepictures) and forget about the rest.

For your viewing pleasure…

The day we picked him up:

He had a thing for these blue flip-flops.

"What do you mean you 'found it in my crate'?"

"Really.  Never seen it before."


"Now I remember."

…and you wonder why we're getting another one.  


  1. Gah. SO cute. Spring in the South can be rough. We hid in a closet for an hour last night.

  2. Oh my goodness! He's so cute. I can see why you're getting another one. We want to adopt another at some point but I can't do the puppy stage. They're so cute but it drives me bonkers. Praying for you guys about the house situation!

  3. He has gotten so big since then! Those pictures on the step are adorable. I can totally see how that cute face could convince you to get another one.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. Stop it!!!! He is so cuteeee. And now I have puppy fever all over again.

  5. I'm like the Grinch... my heart just grew 4 times the size ...
    that sweet face!

  6. Scout pics are never a bad thing in my book! Yay for another puppy; same breed?

  7. He is so cute! My cat has a weird obsession with a specific pair of my flip flops, oh pets!

  8. I do the same thing when I look at kitten pictures. Unfortunately, acclimating new cats to each other is significantly more difficult than introducing new dogs to each other, so...we're a one-cat family for now.


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