April 18, 2014

Another little Brittany

We pick up our new dog next week.  Actually, I shouldn't say "new" dog.  Our other dog.  Scout's buddy.  We care so much about our dear Brittany's well-being that we decided he needed a friend to make him more well-rounded.

This dog is coming from a French Brittany breeder who regularly wins world championships.  In fact, we have a really small window of time in which to pick up this dog.  The breeder is heading to France the day after and won't be back for a few weeks.  *EDIT:  This all leads me to believe that Scott's new pastime is investing in dogs the way many people invest in old cars or fancy shoes. We all need a hobby, right?*

He'll be 7 weeks old when we get him.  He still doesn't have a name.  According to French Brittany naming law (essentially what it is), his name must start with a "J" because he was born in 2014.  Any ideas?

Originally, I insisted on a "as all orange as possible" one.  Scott wanted a tricolor.  French Brittanys, unlike American ones, come in different colors.  Scott relented and put a deposit on an orange one.  You have to understand that these dogs are bought and paid for the second they're born and the breeder knows how many are in the litter.  We bought Scout when he was a week old and picked him up a month and a half later.

Scott got an email last night saying the list had shifted and we'd be getting a tricolor.  That means that someone higher on the list than us decided they wanted an orange one.  I don't know where we are on the list but there's 7 in the litter and the males go the quickest.

The breeder said he'll be an excellent dog.  Well, hey, that's okay.  In fact, I hate making decisions and was very stressed out over the fact that I had to "pick" Scout last year.  He was known at the time as "Katie Boy 2" and I just chose him because "Katie Boy 1" was already taken and 2 comes after 1.  That's why we didn't get "Katie Boy 3".

So we went to the website and looked up our dog.

I have a sneaking suspicion that he's the runt.   You can watch the video here.

Also, if we don't get him out of there soon, his brothers might eat him.

I wrote before about Scout being the runt and how that's been okay with us because runts are often the best hunters.  I'm pretty sure this sweet little pup might give Scout a run for his money though.  Don't you just want to smother him with cuddles?

Also, still no name for this dog.  Any suggestions?  We have one that doesn't start with a "J" in mind, but a J-name has to go on his paperwork.



  1. So fun!!! Maybe Jett? Seems like it could go with Scout.

  2. Oh my gosh, that video of his brother just stepping right over him was hysterical!! I love how the breeder is definitely not trying to say the word "runt" in the video. Naming is so hard... maybe JJ or Jaws? lol

  3. So weird that it has to be a J name. that's kind of cool though.
    I've got nothing though. :/

  4. Jerome? Jim? Junior? Jupiter? Justice? Juno?

  5. Jack, Jax, Jeep

    He's a cutie no matter what!

  6. Jasper? Jake? Jack? Johnny? Juneau? Jones?

  7. What if you start his official name with "Just" like... he's "Just George" or "Just Ricky" or whatever lol

  8. I was reading some of the other suggestions before I chimed in. I like Jasper or Jett. I think they both go well with Scout.

  9. What a cutie pie!! I would love to get Lily a sister to have but one is enough right now.

    So weird it has to start with a J! What about Jager? Haha. ;) There's also this: http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/dog_names.html?letter=j


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