March 6, 2014

Stuff and Things 3/6…a link-up!

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+ Scott and I went shopping the other day.  Actually, we needed to buy dog food because our snobby dog won't eat Purina bought from Wal-mart.  This dog will eat paper, plastic, and dried pig ears, but not dog food from Wal-Mart.  We drove an hour to Pet Co. and Scott said, "We might as well go to the outlets".  I wasn't feeling it, but I found a dress in The Gap for $17 and he took off on his own.  He came back with 4 pairs of pants and 3 button-up shirts.  

Then, Scott proceeded to tell me how much money he saved and I wasn't sure who he was for a minute there.  It was his semi-annual shopping trip.  He only goes twice a year.

+Then we went to HyVee so I could buy quinoa for less than $25 a pound, and I found kombucha.  

It was actually pretty tasty…do you drink them?  Any flavor recommendations?  And have you seen health benefits?  I could buy $4 lattes for the price of a kombucha.  I told Scott a lot of places brew their own, like beer.  Since we're moving west again, we are both looking forward to being in the land of craft beer.  I'm sure Colorado has some restaurants that serve kombucha.  

+We watched the movie Best Man Down on Netflix over the weekend.  I picked it because the newlyweds' names were Scott and Kristin and she was a teacher.  We really enjoyed it.  

+We've determined that our dear Scout is a runt.  More on that tomorrow.

Hunting last Fall: And no, he's not babied (or wrapped up in blankets and sitting on a dog bed in the woods) or anything.  

+The Walking Dead was really good this past week.  I should also throw it out there that my first legal drink was peach schnapps.  Sorry, Daryl.  You weren't around with your moonshine.
It's also worth noting that TWD was the sole inspiration for these "Stuff and Things" posts. 


  1. Gap outlet is the jam for guy's clothes. I get kev a lot there too!

  2. I agree about TWD. It was one of those heart-felt epsidoes but it was nice. I'm mildy interested in what's going on next week. What is kombucha?

  3. I actually caught the episode of TWD this weekend (J lives and breathes for it). I was making dinner (or something in the kitchen--I feel like that's really late for me to have been making dinner--but either way--I was in ear shot). I don't think I've ever had peach schnapps but I'm fairly certain it was the inaugural drink of all 21 year olds in our sorority--or something like that. I love that Scout is babied--Our dog also won't eat (well, she's probably EAT it, but we don't let her have it) the food from walmart. She has a sensitive stomach and I'm not about to clean up diarrhea all day because I didn't want to drive the hour for the limited ingredient high quality food. This was less annoying when we lived a stones throw away from a petsmart. I'll have to watch that movie on Netflix!! We have a hard time finding movies to watch there because we're kind of stupid when it comes to the search method Netflix uses. We end up getting frustrated, turning it off and just staring at each other with me begging him to try Scandal. Whoops.

  4. I will totally be linking up next week!

    MFD could out-shop me for clothes any day.

  5. Kyle shops probably twice a year as well. He figures since he is in a uniform 95% of the time that he doesn't need a ton of civilian clothes.

  6. I've never tried kombucha tea, but I've heard a lot of good things about it- both good and bad!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  7. I like kombucha! Tried to make my own once. Or I meant to but never got around... one day.


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