March 27, 2014

Stuff and Things 3/27

+I took Scout on a long walk last week.

Afterward, I stopped for gas, ran into the gas station to use the bathroom, came out, and drove to the post office to mail birthday packages to my dad and cousin.

When I opened the back door to get out the gifts, this is what I saw.

+We put an offer on a house. Details to follow.  Maybe.  We don't have good luck, so maybe not.

+Also, I do believe we're getting another dog.  Something about Scout "needing a friend", "Brittanys hunt better in pairs" and "after this spring, I'll be too busy working to train a dog…we need to get him now".  
Details to follow.

+I know that those two things I just listed sound like major life decisions, and they are.  I just feel like this is our life:  always full of all or nothing major decisions and that's what the military does to us and we're about to move to our 4th state in 5 years and Idon'treallywanttotalkaboutimportantstuff.  So let's move on to the frivolous stuff.

+I need to stop shopping.  I ordered shoes from Kohl's.  They didn't fit.  I took them back, and bought sunglasses instead.  I ordered 2 more pairs of shoes from Famous Footwear.  Then I found myself on Old Navy's website, being pulling into a 30% off sale.

This screen popped up before I knew what was happening.

+I won Plant Fusion protein powder a few weeks ago on another blog.  I was super excited to try it.  Eh.  I don't like it.  And never would've bought it myself (because expensive), but I think it has a weird texture and, honestly, I'll stick with my vanilla ice cream-flavored whey in my spinach smoothie.  Now, who am I going to unload this protein powder on?

+I won a Sephora gift card on Jane's blog this week.  Maybe this is the universe's way of telling me I should, indeed, be buying more make-up?  

+I've been so busy with Friday Night Lights (into season 5!) that I completely have not watched The Following yet this week.  Also, I want to name the new dog TimRiggins.  No space.  Just TimRiggins. Scott isn't on board with that one.



  1. You guys probably do live a lifestyle involving more huge life decisions than average...

  2. Yeah--the whole "big life decisions" thing is kind of less of a thing when you guys have as much going on as you do. Also--thanks. Now my husband is going to go cry in a corner because you get to have a second dog and miss meanie wifie over here says no. Good luck with the house offer!

  3. You should totally name this *possible* dog TimRiggins!

    Online shopping gets me all the time, especially for shoes (and it only turns out well for me about 1/2 the time). It's just so easy to order and getting packages in the mail is so fun!

  4. yay for another dog! We keep saying we are going to start FNL but haven't yet. Maybe this weekend..

  5. No lie my friend Patti named her dog Tucker Riggins. Riggins after Tim Riggins, of course. The most awesome teenager ever.

    I totally need to slow my shopping roll.

    I firmly believe dogs make out better with a friend. Gus stopped destroying everything when we got Geege.

  6. I think TimRiggins is AWESOME! After all, we have Harvey Dent.. dogs need a two part name :)

    Get another dog!!! It makes such a difference when they have a buddy!

  7. Oh my gosh!! I can't believe how quickly Scout tore about those presents! That is AWESOME that you are getting a new dog and maybe even a house :) I will definitely be linking up with you next week!

  8. I think you should save your money on dog food and just give him wrapping paper - its cheaper ;)

    Good vibes for the house - does it have a mountain view?

  9. I got sucked into Old Navy's 30% off sale, too. I ended up not even using the 30% off code! though because I had a better coupon that gave me $50 off a purchase of $100 or more. ( was THAT kind of I also had a $10 reward for using my card. :-p

  10. Fingers crossed the house stuff goes well!

  11. Aw, your poor wrapping!

    And yeah, the military likes to mess things up a brother has thankfully been in the same state for a bit (when he wasn't overseas) but he'll be moving again in the next year, I believe.

  12. I love the dog name haha. Maybe he will go for Riggins...? :P


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