March 13, 2014

Stuff and Things 3/13

+Do you ever get sick of your phone?  Sometimes the very last thing I want to do is pull my phone out to answer a text message (which is why I often don't), look something up, or jot something in a Note before I forget.  Maybe this is just laziness.  Sometimes I really just don't like the thing.

+Tiffany's sent my necklace back.  With a giant knot in the chain.  That was annoying and it was 30 minutes of my life I'll never get back.  However, I did get an email from them, a few days after this post, saying that they would fix it for free.  So the email I sent saying I was disappointed in their craftsmanship worked wonders.  If this lasts 6 more months without breaking again, I'll consider doing business there again.  Maybe.

+Speaking of customer service, we went back to Colton's Steakhouse this past weekend.  After our horrible experience in August, we weren't planning on returning.  However, we had a gift card to use.  I'm pleased to say that the service was 150% better.  This might be due to the fact that we were sitting in the bar and the waitress, while busy, wasn't dealing with large parties.  Anyway, in our attempt to use up all $50 on the gift card, I had 2 margaritas.  One mango, one strawberry.  Both were like glorified Kool-Aid with tequila, but hey, they were *free*.  Actually, one was literally free because they forgot to charge us for it and we didn't realize it at first.

The Southwest Salad wasn't anything to write home about.  The flavors were there, topped with a tasty spicy ranch, but the presentation wasn't.  Also, 2 giant margaritas will fill you up.  I could only eat half the salad and I brought the rest home.

+Once Upon a Time is back!  I think my favorite thing about this show is Belle's wardrobe.  I would wear all of this.  Also, her hair.  I'd wear that too.

+Scout ate the brand-new cupholder from my brand-new car. 
I was in the store for 10 minutes.  

+Scott is currently in Colorado doing some house-hunting.  If you could send some good thoughts and prayers our way, it'd be appreciated.  We're not set to leave here until the first week of June, but we're buying and these things take time.  Best of luck to us, right?


  1. We started watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix a couple weeks ago and caught up just in time for the new show on Sunday. I'm definitely hooked. And Belle's wardrobe (and hair! She has so much hair!!) is gorgeous!

  2. Every time we watch Once I want to dye my hair Belle's color. I love it. Definitely an interesting start to the this part of the season, I am curious to see where it goes! Also, my email, fb, and instagram dont synch to my phone anymore and I haven't fixed it because I am kind of loving it. I am not nearly as attached to my phone because of it and I have realized that really, nothing important happens in the hours that goes by that I dont check these things. It drove me crazy at first but now I am enjoying it!

  3. Good luck to Scott!

    Oh, Scout. That picture makes me laugh but ughhhhhh the brand new cup holder. It's a good thing they're so cute when they are on a seek and destroy mission.

  4. Good luck with the house hunting!! Scout looks soooo guilty in that photo!

  5. Sending you good house hunting vibes!!! Scout's poor face!! He looks SO guilty--but also like he's thinking "it was so worth it, mom." I haven't seen any of Once Upon A time. I accidentally finished Scandal last night (don't even get me started on how pissed I was when the season ended at episode 22 when the freaking thing on the queue says TWENTY NINE!!! I feel jipped out of 7 episodes!!!) so maybe I should look into starting Once! I get sick of my phone--all of the time. In fact, a lot of times I just turn it off and put it back in the bedroom. At least, that's what I do more often now--I used to NEVER turn my phone off.

  6. Sending you good house vibes. House hunting can be totally stressful.

  7. Happy house hunting!! :) hope it all goes well.

  8. I love that you now hav a link up for this! I will def participate next time. Oh man, Scout looks like, "what's the big deal?", in his photo. Sending positive house vibes your way!

  9. And that is reason #2340182391273 why I don't want a dog, haha. I cannot handle my stuff getting ruined.

    I, quite honestly, hate my phone 99% of the time. I barely even use it. I talk on it maybe once a month, save for 2 minute phone calls here and there from Isaiah when he doesn't feel like texting me about something. I don't text friends, I'm sick of Instagram, I don't use Twitter anymore, and Facebooking is done from my computer 99% of the time. I'd get rid of it or at least just get a stupid dumb cheap non-smartphone if I didn't "need" it every once in a blue moon.

  10. Haha live that one of scout!!! That's my dogs face after she ate part of a pie!!

  11. but that face I could you get mad right? ;-)

  12. Where in Colorado again?

    You ready for st pats, Rolla mo style? Its a blast!


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