January 15, 2014

In my make-up drawer…plus a giveaway

I hate buying make-up.  It's just not my thing.  I like the way make-up looks on me, most of the time, but it never looks quite as good as I think it should.  There's plenty of bloggers out there who live and breathe make-up.  Some, like Joey, are cool about it.  Some people, however, lost me when they started posting about make-up because I really don't care about it.  As long as it makes me look okay, I'll wear it.

You know how some girls are "shoe people"?  Or "purse people"? I'm finding that there's "make-up people" too.  I will never be one of them.

A brush.  For powder.  This is my 2nd brush in 2 years.  I wash it occasionally.

Powder.  The most important part of stuff that covers my face is that it cannot be Cover Girl.  I may already be breakout-prone, but I'm convinced that Cover Girl would make even my dog breakout.

Blush.  Also not Cover Girl.  I remember to put blush on about 3 days a week.  Using the same brush, obviously, that I use for powder.

Eyeshadow.  I like the palettes of different colors, but I usually stick to browns/tans/shimmery stuff.

I use this brush to put it on.

I don't like the little wands.  Brushes really help me achieve maximum eyeshadow coverage.  I don't follow the instructions on the palette.  I just mesh the colors together until it looks good.  My eyeshadow, I guarantee, never looks the same two days in a row.

Eyeliner.  Always in dark brown.  I put it on after the eyeshadow, and it makes a nice little outline this way (kind of like when you were a kid and you'd color in the picture with a lighter crayon and outline it with a darker one).

Highlighter.  This is recent.  I was out of eyeliner.  Buying eyeliner is an absolutely necessary thing, but it's also annoying.  $7 every 2 months is hard.  When I went to buy my usual, I found this one.  2-in-1? It will make me look more awake?  Like I actually spent time on make-up?  Sure thing!  I really do like it.  I smudge some on after I do the eyeliner (whether that's how it's supposed to be used, I know not).

Mascara.  Ah, conundrums: my favorite mascara is Cover Girl.  The one in the red tube.  I've gone through many mascaras over the years because I always did like experimenting with that.  This one is the best for me.  I'd never tell you it's the best for you, because plenty of people (*cough* bloggers) have said a particular mascara is the best and it's definitely not been.

Lips.  I use Carmex multiple times a day, and I swear by it.  I carry lipstain to add a little color if necessary (I usually forget) and I have some lipgloss, but I think my mom gave that to me last Christmas.  It's Clinique, so clearly I didn't buy it.

There you are.  Now, please tell me what I need to do/buy/try.  My ears are open!

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  1. How you are with Cover Girl is how I am with Olay and Simple. Anything they make, I put on (even face wash) and within 24 hours my entire face is broken out! Coming from someone who usually has a pimple a year, if that. Awful!

    Woop woop! Thanks for participating in the giveaway. <3

  2. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  3. My New Year's resolution:
    If you don't have something nice to say, hush it.

  4. I bought a tube of mascara that was said to be "THE ABSOLUTE BEST" and it's not. It's okay but I'm not in love with it. And I spent WAY too much money on it and will never spend that much on mascara ever again lol.

  5. I used to be REALLY into makeup...not obsessed, but I used to watch makeup tutorials on YouTube, I enjoyed buying new shades of eyeshadow, I had Isaiah buy me a really nice brush set for Christmas a few years ago...these days, I literally only use a little under eye concealer, a super light dusting of powder, brown eyeliner, mascara and a little bit of blush. I also fill in my eyebrows because I was NOT blessed in that area. My makeup used to take me 15-20 minutes...now, 3 minutes max. I value sleeping in more than having time to do my makeup in the mornings. Nowadays I only really pile it on for special occasions, which works out to be maybe twice a year.

    Mascara is the bane of my existence, though. I like Covergirl Lash Blast the best...either the orange or the purple tube. I refuse to pay $30 for mascara. $10 in Sitka is bad enough.

  6. I'm not a makeup person either, I hate buying it and try to stick with what I know haha.

  7. I really like the red Cover Girl mascara too.

    Sometimes I like to think I'm a "makeup person"...then I realize that 5 out of 7 days I don't wear any.

  8. I'm a Mary Kay consultant so everything I use comes from them. If you lived closer, I'd totally offer to do a free color consultation.

  9. I swore by drug store brands (cover girl seems to be most of my eye shadow...or almay) and then I heard everyone raving about the Naked 3 Palette. 12 colors for $52 may seem crazy but I was like "What the heck?"...I LOVE IT!! I put my makeup on at 5:30am and the eyeshadow is still on at 9pm!!

  10. I actually use a lot of AVON make-up products. When I tried selling it for awhile, I started using their stuff, and I really like it. My lipstick is from Clinique. It's the shade I wore on my wedding day, and I love it!

    I did not make any New Year's resolutions. I've given up on actually having ambitions. ;)

  11. I'm not a big makeup girl. Maybe because I never learned how to do it well... and I don't care. So I have BB cream, powder and mascara.

  12. L'Oreal Voluminous Million Mascara is the best I've ever used. It's the Lancome Definicils for poor ladies. It's also the only thing I am probably definitely wearing daily.

    I like Sephora, Revlon, and Clinique eyeshadows and Sephora bronzer.

    I might wear a full face of makeup once or twice a week if that.

  13. I dont wear a ton of makeup either, or use anything but drugstore brands. I try a new mascara every time and am still trying to find my favorite. I actually really like the ELF brand from target

  14. I take a similar approach to make up. Truthfully, I didn't start wearing nearly every day until my husband gave me crap last year about not wearing make up. I guess I could look nice for him but I don't care about what the rest of the world thinks. I put eyeliner on first because I like to use my eyeshadow to smudge it some and I use the crap brush that comes with the eye shadow.

  15. I have lost 60 pounds to be healthy for my daughters and I need to lose 30 more. This would be wonderful to win. Thank you so much for the chance!

    ninigossett@gmail dot com

  16. I think I have that exact same blush but it's ancient. I remember to put it on about once a month...I tell myself I like the pale ghostly look anyways. :P

  17. My resolution is just to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I want to look forward to working out, and eat for nutrition not happiness. :) With that I hope to FINALLY reach my goal weight!!

  18. I want to be more intentional.

    Thank you so much for this fabulous giveaway!


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