January 3, 2014

Five for Friday

1.  First things first.  I'd like to apologize to the woman I was mean to yesterday.  You see, we'd just disembarked from a 24 hour road trip (16 driving, 8 sleeping).  When we pulled onto our road and saw her car in our too-small driveway, our feelings about idiot drivers and snow-covered interstates may have impaired my good judgement.  I believe, when she did pull up 10 minutes later and say "That's mine", I said something along the lines of "Are you GOING TO MOVE IT?".  I'm sorry.  And she said she told the neighbors she had to park it there because it wouldn't make the hill.
However, my first reaction is not to go to the neighbors to ask about it.  I'd assume they'd tell me, "Uh, it's not my driveway…"
My first reaction is to check for notes on the car and the front door.  A note would've done wonders.
Anyway, my fault.  It was not nice.  It was not Christian-like.  I'm sorry.

2.  Second.  We left Pennsylvania at 1pm on Wednesday.  We had intentions of driving through the night and we really could've done it, but a snowstorm side-lined us into a Super 8 in Illinois.  It wasn't just snow.  It was ice.

Scout really hated us after a day and a half in the car.  He thought proper revenge would be eating my sunglasses.

3.  Scott got me my purse for Christmas.  He ended up picking "Cinnabar" because they were out of black.  What do you think?  He said, "Return it and get black", but I don't know.  I kinda like it.  (The PX had the purse MUCH cheaper than the retail price.)

He also got us a new coffee grinder.

4.  I received 3 blankets and 3 frothers, as per my list.  No complaints here.

5.  I'm embarking on a January photo-a-day challenge.  I think I got all of December, except the last day.  Sometimes I think, "hey, this would be perfect to take a picture of for today" but then I don't want to reach for my phone.  Oh well.  

Happy weekend!  I hear we're getting more snow.  
I'm sure Missouri's worst drivers will be out in full-force.

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  1. I think I really like the color of your new purse! And it's always frustrating when in the moment we don't respond in love or the way we know we should.

  2. I put blankets on my list this year and no one listened. My Mom told me that she didn't think I was serious.

    That stinks that you got caught in ice :( Glad you're home safe.

  3. i like that color!! i say keep it! and the weather here has been crazy! i would not want to have been driving with all that ice and snow.

  4. A purse and a car...you're styling now!

    Have you been off school the past two days (if you guys even started yet)? A handful of districts were set to start yesterday and have been called off already. Hopefully they learned their lesson and not to start til the full week ;)

  5. Keep the bag!!! That color is gorgeous!

  6. Personally I like the bag color :)

  7. I would have been annoyed at the car in the driveway, especially without a note. Why couldn't they park on the street?

    I like the bag color!

  8. I love the new purse!! I would be really angry about the person in my driveway, but then again, snow/winter driving is nothing new up here so when people are silly/stupid about it I get very frustrated lol. Hopefully you guys keep warm, we're under a winter storm watch here again. I'll take the snow over the cold weather we had last week anyday though lol.

  9. I love the color of that purse! :)

  10. The cinnabar is awesome. I vote to keep it.

    I would've been insane over the car in the driveway too.

  11. Love the color of your purse!! I would keep it. :)

  12. Love the color of that bag! :) Sometimes I think black is too harsh on a handbag! I say keep it! Glad you made it home safely! :)

  13. After that much time in a car I think anyone would be a lil bitchy. No harm done. Im sure she was like 'whatevs lady, its not like I stole your dog' and then went back to whatever she was doing before. Love the purse. Super cute and way better than black.

  14. I like that purse. I wear zero black though so I would like it better anyways :P

    I think I need a frother so I can make my own London Fogs at home!

  15. You are my road trip hero. I can't do more than 8 hours, and that's pushing it...


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