December 26, 2013

Photos & Explanations

I never understood how people had SO many pictures stored up on their phones.  A thousand photos on your iPhone?  Really?  Why you not delete unnecessary ones?

Well, now I see.  I had 1,200 pictures on my old phone.  I already have 230+ pictures on my new phone.  90% of them are of my dog.  But that's okay.  I've realized that if I constantly have a camera with me, I should be using it.  Why not, right?

So I'm sharing some of these recent pictures with you…not everything makes it onto Instagram, after all.

I don't even have the words to describe the journey from Missouri to Pennsylvania.  Google Maps says 13 hours.  It took us 18.  We, I swear, did not stop for 5 hours so I'm not sure how it adds up to 18.  I think the space/time continuum just gets screwed up in the land of Ohio. That's a logical explanation.

It was rough on all involved.

The dog now has depression.

My friend got us this picture of Scout.  It captures his personality so well.
(This picture was taken pre-trip-through-Ohio.  NOW he has depression.)

The ceramic tree jackpot at an antique store. 

Let me be clear:  I do not lose things.  Ever.  It's not my M.O.  It's Scott's.  But sometime Sunday night, I lost my phone charger.  I still have no idea where it is and it's driving me nuts.  Scott kept saying, "Did you check between/under the seats in the truck?" and I kept saying, "YES.  I DON'T LOSE THINGS.  YOU KNOW I DON'T LOSE THINGS."  And he kept saying, "Yes, I know you don't lose things".  
I had to make a 60 mile round trip for a new one.  

What'd you get for Christmas?
I'll share my goodies later on… Taking pictures now would mean getting up off the couch…


  1. There's always a reason behind a picture...unless Angel took it, then sometimes there's no possible explanation. A 13 hour trip should never have to take 18 hours, that's brutal.

    And I lose stuff rarely...but when I do lose something it's always a catastrophic and very dramatic type of loss.

  2. I got a stand up jewelry holder so I stop storing my jewelry in the basket, drawer, cabinet, counter etc.

  3. I use to never take pics on my phone and now its my go-to. Gotta clean it out!

  4. Losing things makes me CRAZY! I always find them though--sometimes months later--but they're always found. Usually in the weirdest places! And I swear your dog needs to be a model.

  5. I don't lose things either! I freaked out the other day because I went to run some errands and didn't have my wallet! Luckily, I had my checkbook and driver's license. I had taken my wallet out of my purse to put something in it. It was still in my hand when I went to the kitchen for something, set it down, and forgot about it.

  6. Kyle is notorious for losing things haha. I always end up finding them for him.

  7. Oooh those ceramic trees. I have six and am always looking for more to replace the one that broke and the one that I gave to my brother.


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