December 11, 2013

Modcloth Holiday Wear

Modcloth dress

This is a fun holiday outfit from Modcloth, featuring the Bea Dot print dress.  It's perfect for a party or get-together.  The brown boots, scarf, and cross-body bag make it ideal for a day or night out.  Depending on your climate, you might not even need leggings with those boots. If you need to make it dressy, add the heels for a pop of color.  (I'd probably wear those boots all day AND night though, if we're being honest because I really love them.)

Do you use Polyvore?  I can see it becoming a very addicting website…what a perfect way to create a Christmas list!

(This is not a compensated post…just my entry in the weekly Polyvore challenge from Modcloth!  You can follow me on Polyvore here.)


  1. I've never tried Polyvore, but I really like those shoes!!

  2. Cute dress but brrr right now without a cardigan ;)

  3. I used to use Polyvore all the those red shoes!

  4. I love that dress! Polyvore is fun, but I'm better with it when I'm creating something specific. I first used it when I was doing My Harry Potter Fix and it was HP Fashion month. It was super fun to create outfits with specific characters in mind! :)

  5. I got to style the same dress. I like what you did though. Love those red heels!


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