November 21, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Scott is not a fan of surprises.  Therefore, if I let him, he'd just take me to the store and say, "Pick out what you want" and Merry Christmas to me.

I'm a believer in surprises (and Santa).

Here's some things that are on my wish list this year.  Maybe my mom will take note.

Michael Kors purse.  I'm currently trying to convince myself that I don't want or need a $350 purse.  Then I tell myself that Christmas only comes once a year…my birthday, January 10th, is a once-a-year milestone too…if I only pick out one gift for my birthday, it might as well be something nice, right?

My friend got this purse and it's the nicest looking black purse I've ever seen.  I say this because I gravitate toward brown when it comes to purses.  This thing is gorgeous in person.

Unless Scott reads my blog and my ridiculous rambling about how much I swoon over the idea of this purse (hey…don't I have a PFD laying around somewhere…), then likely I'll never bring it up again.

Sideways cross necklace
This is just a picture I pinned, so I'm not set on any particular necklace.  Just a small cross in rose gold. (I do see the awful irony in wanting this and wanting a shamefully expensive purse.  I admit to being consumer-lustful #notreallyproudofit.)

I think this could heighten the enjoyment of my coffee-drinking experience.

iPhone 5 {you know what an iPhone looks like}
Not a 5S or 5C.  Just a 5.  It's been over 2 years since I got my phone, and I keep putting off the upgrade.  I'm not sure why.  My iPhone 4 and I have been through a lot together!  Deployment, Alaska, etc…it's an emotional attachment thing, I think.
I think this upgrade will happen well before Christmas.  Maybe this weekend or next week. 

Tan or brown ankle boots

Throws/quilts for the living room 

Random, right?

What's on your wish list?


  1. We will not be buying each other Christmas gifts this year...we opted to put that money towards a honeymoon. Finally! Haha. :)

  2. I will admit that is a really beautiful purse!

    We have a milk frother - it's really fun. You definitely need one of those. When you get one - Earl Grey tea + frothed milk + a little bit of vanilla syrup = London Fog and they're freaking delicious.

  3. A new purse is on my list. I blogged about one I wanted last year and my MIL got it for me. I'm still using it. It needs to be retired.

  4. Kev and I always get each other one thing that we picked out ahead of time. I think you should definitely push for the booties!

  5. When I went and got my new iPhone almost 2 weeks ago, they guy said that they don't make the 5 anymore. It's was the 5s or 5c. Unless I misunderstood him. But I love my 5s! SUPER fast!

    And love that MK purse!!

  6. I think I screwed myself out of a Christmas present this year. I got an iPad mini for my birthday in October and I guess I misunderstood Paul, because he said it's my birthday/Christmas present... I don't think that's right lol. I love that purse. Also, I'm holding out on upgrading my phone too.

  7. Not even kidding, a MK purse is on my dream wish list. I don't know why but they're just GORGEOUS! I could NEVER EVER spend that much on a purse but sure wouldn't stop someone else from doing so. Haha.

    AND- throws are on my Christmas wishlist too!!

  8. Living room blankets are a necessity. Ours stay out all year long because I always feel like cuddling with them! I got a tiny sideways cross necklace a while back as a gift, and before that I didn't really think I liked the style, but now I definitely do.

  9. I approve of everythign! :) Those blankets looks super cozy. I'm with you on the MK bag. I want one but I can't justify that money. Even if it is my only nice thing.

  10. Ok, I'm going to need that purse and those brown booties from Target. I am a purse-aholic. But I surprisingly haven't gotten a new one in years (Christmas 2010 actually)! I had to make my Christmas list yesterday. The hubs and I usually go off the cuff--but with our budget being so tight we agreed it was better if we each made a list of things we ACTUALLY really want. That way our money is spent more efficiently!

  11. I love all the sideway cross necklaces & bracelets!!!

    Those knitted blankets are beautiful!

    I always have Nikon lenses on my list... but Santa ain't rich :)

  12. I seriously was about to tell you that your necklace picture was wrong - then I read it was supposed to be sideways, ha!

    I have no clue what I'm buying Keith and Keith hasn't asked for my wish list yet. I overheard him talking about getting himself stuff (men!) so I may have to evesdrop more to get ideas!

  13. You'll be so happy with a 5! After having mine for a while it was such a difficult experience trying to use my husband's 4. It's so much faster and clearer.

  14. Ever since the power button on my iphone 4s busted, I have been itching to upgrade. I have to wait until hubby decides its time. The hints have been dropped liberally, so he knows I want a new phone. For some reason, I've decided I need a Dooney and Bourke purse. Do I really need it? No but it does sound nice. Happy weekend to you! I hope you don't get the bad weather that showed up in OKC, or perhaps its already past your neighborhood? Esther Norine Designs

  15. So I was always a Coach girl {we have a ton of outlets} but have wanted to ugrade to a nice basic black purse and now I want that MK bag! It really is beautiful.

  16. I really want a sideways cross necklace, too! Rose gold is awesome, but I'd go with silver because most of my jewelry is silver or white gold. I also really want an iPhone 5, thought I don't care if it's the 5, 5S, or 5c. I still have an iPhone 4S because I've given Scott my upgrade TWICE to replace his broken phones. BUT we're through AT&T, and I guess you no longer have to wait for your upgrade. You can get the phone and have the cost split up and added onto your bill. ANYWAY, this might be happening sooner rather than later! :)

    I also want a remote car starter and a new electric blanket. Ours (that we bought last winter) isn't working, and I think it's necessary before it gets really cold!

  17. Such a lovely necklace! And I can never have too many blankies!

  18. That Pottery Barb blanket will seriously change your life. Scott, if you're reading, you should DEFINITELY pick one up for your lovely wife for Christmas! :)


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