September 23, 2013

Utter failure (a.k.a. Skirtember Week 3)

Skirtember.  Let me tell you what happened.  I knew I only had so many summer-ish skirts left to wear.  I knew I wanted to start going to the gym after work last week, but I knew I wouldn't be able to take a proper photo if I went straight to the gym.  My nice clothes would end up in my gym bag and I'd be sweaty.  It's too dark in the morning to take a picture.  That's skirts being wasted. So I wore pants Monday, thinking I wouldn't be taking a picture anyway.  I definitely didn't make it to the gym, of course.

I wore a skirt Tuesday.  

Essentially, I carried my gym bag around all week, wearing pants all week, because I didn't plan on being home to take a picture.  Silly me...I thought I'd be working out after school. I'm aware that's a stupid, odd excuse.  And I didn't actually make it to the gym until Friday.  

This picture should be called "triumphant" because it was a Friday afternoon.

I've had a sore throat since freaking Thursday, so the weekend was a wash too.  When Scott saw me in jeans on Saturday night, he said, "I thought it was Skirtember?"  

I started to feel bad.  But not bad enough to go look for a skirt.  We were going to a birthday dinner and, as usual, we were running late.  Judge away.  It's alright.  

Maybe you can link up below and see what the good folks who show value and commitment were wearing in the past week.  


  1. I've worn one twice...emailed me the pics then the pics disappeared off my CPU. Oh well...but if you check out my latest post, I have an excuse for last week.

  2. I think this week is the hardest week of them all. We're almost at the end!

  3. haha, oh well, one skirt is better than none! And your reasoning sounds perfectly legit to me!

  4. I'll have to do a month end post of all my skirts... you've pushed me. Today, I'm still going strong on not doubling skirts/dresses - even wearing a dress today I haven't worse in MONTHS!!! :) Its been such a fun challenge!

  5. Sooo I wore skirts 3 days this week, but forgot to take photos... whoops. This week WILL be my week, I already took a photo today :)

  6. This was a hard week for me too. The skirt you did wear looks great though! :-)

  7. I've been enjoying this, but I've honestly considered nixing this week. I'm not wearing a skirt today because I didn't go to work since we went to the Steelers game last night. But we'll see!

  8. I also have been failing. I have a couple (more) dresses I wore and have pictures of, but now I just need to whip up a post.

    BTW, I did the carry my gym bag around thing last spring. That was when I forgot where my gym was :)


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