September 9, 2013

Skirtember- Week 1

Our first link-up is here! If you wore a skirt or dress in the past week and would like to participate by linking up your photo (through a blog post, Instagram, etc), now's the time!

I'm really not trying to do some kind of exotic model pose.  The sun is blindingly bright these days.  Problems, problems...

Skirt/tank: Target

Skirt: Old Navy / Shirt: Target / Wedges: Marshall's

Dress: Banana Republic Outlet // Sweater: Gap // Watch: Fossil

Shirt: Target // Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet // Watch: Fossil

Obviously, I didn't wear a skirt everyday.  I wore a cute dress on Thursday, but was too exhausted to even think of a picture when I got home.  Friday, I wore jeans (ugh, horrific) because it was Spirit Day.  Saturday, I also failed (rather defiantly) by wearing shorts when I went shopping.  Oh well.  I'm trying!  
Link up below!


  1. Hey!! That's still a pretty good record of skirts! I really like the last outfit!!

  2. this is fun! I'm totally linking up in it :) I added your backlink in the bottom of my post

  3. Loving this... I posted my Instagram link because I was going to do a post, but sadly, had to put the saddest post of my life up instead :(

    But I'm wearing another skirt today... & excited to do a post next week

  4. You've done great! I'm trying to decide if I can tuck my shirt into my skirts, or if that makes me too nervous... not ready for that step.

  5. I love your second summery and cute!

  6. Love the outfits! The last one is my favorite! :)

  7. You are such a fashion blogger! I want more skirts. You look so cute in them!

  8. Love that striped skirt you wore on the first! You reminded me that I need to get myself a striped skirt.

  9. I love 1,3 and 4!! I could never do this challenge. Mainly because I don't have enough skirts/dresses :)

  10. Great outfits! You've inspired me to try tucking my shirt in to a few skirts this week.

  11. I love that you're doing Skirtember! I wear skirts everyday! Love them!

    Lauren from Modern Modesty


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