August 29, 2013

Really Missouri?!

I swear I don't walk around looking for things to complain about.  They just fall into my lap.  I'm trying to keep it down to one rant per week (you're welcome), and 2 weeks ago I talked about our experience at the MS&T campus bookstore.

Let's continue our journey with the Missouri University of Science and Technology...
The bookstore/i.d. card thing was inconvenient, enough to ruin a day, etc.  We'd simply thought that it'd be refreshing to deal with an organization that's not the army, for once, and have things go smoothly...for once.  So it was just disappointing (I did get an apology email, by the way).

Since Scott couldn't get the books there, he had to "rent" them on base from the MS&T professor.  Whatever.  He used his credit card

A week later, we find out the credit card information had been STOLEN.

Actually, we've had the card for 9 years.  Never had a problem.  So, it could've been something else.  Maybe one of those skimmers at a gas station?  Sometimes I really hate this world we live in.

Moving on...

Let's go over some of the poor, awful, no good, very bad customer service experiences we've had lately.

(An aside:  One complaint I never had about Alaska was the customer service.  People there were genuinely nicer than anywhere I've ever been.  From cashiers to college professors to co-workers..everyone was smiling and helpful.  Perhaps I just expect too much now.)

1.  Colton's Steakhouse
This is a chain restaurant throughout the midwest.  It's comparable to a Texas Roadhouse (except Texas Roadhouse is tasty).  There's one down the street from our house in St. Robert.  The first time we went there it was a Sunday afternoon and I didn't feel like cooking.  I had a Southwest Chicken Salad.  It was okay.  Scott had ribs.  They were so-so.  Whatever.  We went home and forgot about it.  A few weeks later, a friend offered to take us out for dinner and he hadn't been there yet and wanted to try it. We went on a weeknight and waited over 45 minutes for our food.  That doesn't count the wait for drinks.  When the waitress brought my iced tea (unsweetened, thank goodness), she spilled it all over my Lucky Brand purse and our friend's leg.  I was a waitress so I get that this happens, but she was very nonchalant about it.  Like, disturbingly nonchalant.  Anyway, 45 minutes later, Scott got some boiled meat placed in front of him.  I should've taken a picture but, I assure you, these "steak tips" were not grilled in any way.  They were straight up boiled hunks of beefs.  I don't remember what our friend had.  I had the Southwest Chipotle Chicken Tips and it wasn't the best.  The sweet potato fries were okay, but they serve them with vanilla frosting for dipping.  I find that odd.
The only time we'd had a worst restaurant experience (in recent memory) was the Chili's in Fairbanks, Alaska.  A restaurant has to really screw up for us not to leave a 30-40% tip. But I think we left 15% at Colton's, and that seemed like a lot.  Very few people around here go to Colton's more than once or twice.  I think they stay in business primarily because all the families of basic training graduates eat there expecting it to be as good as Outback (which we like) and it's really not.

2.  The mailman
Our mailman is the worst mailman in the history of mailmen.  We consistently get other peoples' mail.  Notice I didn't say "constantly".  That means it happens all the time.  "Consistently" refers to a routine.  We know, without a doubt, there will someone else's mail in our box 99.9% of the time.  I complained to the post office.  I put in a little sign with our names on it.  It's neon yellow.  He can't miss it.  I understand that you may often get mail for the previous residents.  But that's not what's happening here.  We get mail for other people in our development.  People with different names, house numbers...on different streets.  What I do not understand is how this is possible.

An example of his handiwork:

My handiwork:

3. Seegers Toyota
Holy cow.  I saved the best for last.  We had our oil changed at this Toyota dealership in St. Robert, Missouri in June.  Usually, Scott does all our vehicle maintenance himself, but we get free oil changes with the new truck, so we figured we'd take advantage of it.
They didn't put the oil cap back on.

They didn't put the oil cap back on.

They didn't put the oil cap back on.

I don't even know what else to say, other than don't everevernevereverever do business with Seeger Toyota of St. Robert, Missouri.

Because they didn't put the oil cap back on.  


  1. Mailmen/women seriously need to slow down. They aren't UPS for crying out loud.

    But my mailman is hot. hehehe

  2. How did he manage to stuff that box in there? Wow.

    Also, how do you forget the oil cap?!

  3. I very much dislike bad customer service. It seems like it's easier for people to be rude than nice and helpful.

  4. I guarantee you I have the worst mailman ever... he is the grumpiest old man I've ever seen. I know he has to hate us because we LIVE shopping off of Amazon & online so we get packages delivered everyday.

    he gets revenge by holding packages - I know he does. You can track things now Mr. Postman so when I see its sitting at the post office & we don't receive it for 2 more days? yeah... I'm onto you!

  5. That's horrible about the restaurant!! How can she not even acknowledge spilling it?! I would've wrote to corporate or whoever their district manager is and complained about it..

  6. It kills me. SO many people are in need of a job and can't find one yet so many others are taking up these roles and don't care enough to do them well.

  7. You need a new mailman and I'm not surprised that they didn't put the oil cap back on...that's why I'm not allowed to go places like that.
    The Mr used to do a police detail at an Autozone that was robbed frequently and he used to hear people talk about going places to have their oil done and not getting the cap back or worse them not putting oil in the car!

  8. UGH TO ALL THAT. So annoying.

    I'm always really surprised when you say that Alaska has the best customer service and the nicest people. I have not experienced that at ALL in this town. I've had so few good experiences with businesses in this town, it's not even funny. One time Isaiah needed new tires put on, it took him 3 days to get ahold of the guy who does it, finally he took his car in and had to call several times to see if it was done because the guy wasn't calling, they set up a time for us to go pick up the car, and the guy wasn't there. We waited in front of his dark, locked shop for 30 minutes before he finally came mosey-ing around the side of the building looking like he'd been napping, and then proceeded to be nonchalant and borderline rude without apologizing for making us wait.

    I can't even tell you how many times I've heard "I'll call you and let you know about XYZ" and then a week later, still no phone call and I'm having to call whoever the person is and track them down for the information they were supposed to call ME with in the first place.

    And don't get me started on the wait staff in this town. I can't remember the last time I actually wanted to leave a good tip. I'm pretty sure refilling water is rocket science at this point, judging by how few of them actually do that.

  9. I don't know which is worse; probably to me would be the restaurant experience, only because that is SUCH a peeve of mine.

  10. OH MY GOSH, I agree about the Chilis in Fairbanks!!

    And HEY! My mailman did that the other day with a box. It wasn't AS smashed in, it had a bit more wiggle worm than yours did.
    AND we constantly get other people's mail BUT it doesn't really bother me because we live on post so we probably get whoever lived here before us' mail. Ya know?!

  11. Okay, wow. The OIL CAP? At the DEALER? Seriously?

    And the university story. I just don't even know what to say, other than I hope you had ice cream and marshmallows in residence when you got home.

  12. Seeger Toytota has a location up here in STL and I've heard the same thing. Must be a toyota thing ;)

  13. I hate disappointing restaurants!! (Our steakhouse of choice is Logan's--even Texas Roadhouse pales by comparison, at least at our locations for both)
    And we get mail for my uncle and aunt (our next door neighbors) once in a while, but not regularly! You would think if it was your job it would be easy enough to pay attention to things like....addresses!

  14. I really don't know what to say other

  15. Wow, I'm sorry that all this is happening to you! Can I send you cookies to make life better? LOL

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  16. I lived in Missouri last year and they have the VERY WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever encountered in my life. Its not just you. I moved from Minnesota down there and was horrid. so glad I'm back in Minnesota now.

    Good luck down there!


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