August 1, 2013

Least Favorite Music

Where to begin?

I'm more of a "I don't like that singer" than a "I don't like that song" kinda of person.

Here's the artists that I'm having trouble with these days.  Keep in mind:  Just my humble opinions.

1.  Katie Perry
I've always disliked her.  There's no need for her music.

2.  Justin Timberlake.
I think he had a place in *Nsync.  I think he's a really good actor and should stick to movies (as long as they're not called "In Time").  I just don't like his solo music, and haven't liked anything he's done since 2001.  Also, he married the most boring girl on the planet.  But that is neither here nor there.

3. Carrie Underwood.
Sometimes I feel like I should like her because everyone else does, but I just can't listen to her music.  As a person, I'm sure she's awesome and she seems very normal and down-to-earth.  But the music hurteth my ears.

4. Keith Urban
Just go away.

5.  The Band Perry.
I really enjoyed their first album and used to listen to them on Pandora all the time.  With this new stuff, it just seems like she's yelling, constantly and consistently yelling, at the microphone.  It gives me a headache.

6.  Xtina
I don't know why/how she's still in the spotlight.  She fit in well back in 1999, but that constant warbling (completely ruined a perfectly good Pitbull song) drives me insane.  I think someone needs to tell her that she's not cool anymore...

Speaking of The Voice...

7.  I don't mind Blake Shelton, but I don't like Miranda Lambert's music.  Again, I'm sure she's a great person.  I just can't listen to her sing.  Scott likes her music.  He also likes The Band Perry.  My constant switching of the radio stations bugs him.  (The only artist on his MP3 player we can agree on while driving is Imagine Dragons.)

8.  Sting/The Police
Without a doubt, the musical act I hate the most.  I mean, like, I will break the radio trying to turn it off if this stuff comes on.  That's how quickly I move.

Along the same lines...

9.  Most music from the 80s.  Very un-American of me.

And, random, but...

10.  Collective Soul.  They were at one of the fairs in Missouri last week and the news station played a commercial every 10 minutes, explaining that they were giving away tickets and would showcase some of the music.  Holy cow, who would want to go see a Collective Soul concert?  Ever?  Missouri is farther behind the times than Alaska.  And the Alaska State Fair is having 3 Doors Down this year.  So that's saying something.

At this point, you're probably wondering what I do listen to.  My current favorites include Blurred Lines and Running Out of Moonlight.  And I'm still really loving Florida Georgia Line.

That guy needs a haircut.

To sum up, I don't like female artists who yell into the microphone, which is why I didn't even include Beyonce on this list.  It goes without saying.
What music are you absolutely opposed to?  Also, what are you liking these days?


  1. Oh I sooooooooo strongly dislike Katy Perry. "There's no need for her music" summed it up perfectly.

    I also really enjoy "Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke. :)

  2. Totally love Blurred Lines, Radioactive and others that I never thought I'd be into. I am getting way tired of Taylor Swift :/

  3. My least favorite mainstream singer? Taylor Swift. Drives.Me.Nuts.

  4. I have an unexplained disdain for Sting and The Police songs too. I have nothing against any of them as people, I just can't stand their songs. Van Halen is another one for me.

  5. I very much dislike Justin Timberlake, not sure what it is about him. Just can't get into the music.

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  7. To be honest, there aren't a lot of artists that I really HATE. I might not be a huge fan but sometimes I find a song or two I like or I can just tolerate them anyway. haha

    As for artists I really like these days- Tegan & Sara and Ed Sheeran.

  8. I agree with almost all of these, except Carrie Underwood (I think it's not necessarily her music, but brings back memories of living in Oklahoma, which I miss greatly) and Sting/The Police. Once again, memories. ;)

    The rest of these though...yeah. I don't understand the Justin Timberlake obsession. I don't like his music AT ALL.

  9. Ok. So we have a problem. lol

    I do agree about JT. Haven't liked his music since *Nsync. I love, love, love Carrie Underwood, though. I enjoy so e of The Band Perry's songs. But it took me awhile. When she performs live on awards shows, she always sounds off-key to me.

    I can't stand Xtina. She ISN'T cool any more, and I don't know why people think she is.

    I am also ignoring your comments about Miranda Lambert, though I'll accept your feelings about her husband. :)

    And you might be un-American thanks to your 80s comment. ;)

  10. I like a lot of music you hate. :(

  11. I'm actually not a fan of most girl singers. What can I say, I like men's voices. Plus, Angel said if he didn't marry me he would want to marry Carrie Underwood so it's kind of my job not to be her fan.

  12. Yes. Crazy hormonal screaming girls just don't make much sense to me. And Justin Timberlake is only good when he sings in Lonely Island songs, otherwise he is quite annoying..

  13. Okay for the most part I can see where you're coming from... BUT. I just don't see how you like Florida Georgia Line!! Blech!! I like their songs okay but his voice


    And Collective Soul?? I laughed out loud. Geez, Missouri! ;-)


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