August 20, 2013

How (not) to Menu Plan

Shirt: Gap // Tank: Kohl's // Shorts and sandals: Old Navy

I think it's time for the topknot to disappear.  It looks ridiculous.  
I've been doing these low side-knots lately.  I know it's okay because I see other people (out and about) doing it too.  You know what's not okay?  The topknot.  

Also, on this day, the high temp was a balmy 72 degrees.  Shorts were iffy, which is why I went with the long sleeves.  To me, this is an exponentially warm summer.  Everyone else is walking around all confused about how "not hot" it is.  I don't get it.

Onto the point of this post...

I've reallllly been slacking on the menu planning lately.  Well, maybe not the planning aspect.  The execution is just incredibly weak.  I take the blame, of course.  I don't know if it's lack of desire, depressive tendencies, or just laziness.  

Here's what happened last week.  

Monday: I didn't feel like cooking, even after I'd spent $80 on groceries.  (Something about [shudder] Wal-Mart makes me not want to cook.) Scott came home from work early and ate some leftovers.  I ate a quesadilla.

Tuesday: Scott had to work late.  I ate lunch leftovers from Buffalo Wild Wings (followed by ice cream, of course).  I did make this Creole Shrimp and Rice and took it to Scott at his building on base.  I had a little and it wasn't bad.  He really liked it.

Wednesday:  I made the Greek Chicken that I was supposed to make on Monday, with a Tomato/Cucumber Salad and couscous.  The chicken was meh.

Thursday:  Scott had class after work.  He came home to change right after work and told me he'd had Wendy's on his way home.  I had a quesadilla.

Friday: Scott had a field trip (seriously).  I had a quesadilla.  But I did get my act together and make the black beans I'd bought a few weeks ago.

(Count the quesadillas so I can double-check my math.  I got


  1. I like your casual summer outfit, for some reason I really love the look of long sleeves with shorts. I'm terrible at meal planning/cooking, your week sounds like a typical one for me, just throw in a pizza delivery (my favorite because it covers two meals).

  2. love your cute summer outfit! and i do look forward to cooking again but the planning and shopping seem too hard these days!

  3. I never want to cook after the trip to the grocery either... too much food overload by that point. Sick of seeing it... someone, just serve me.

  4. Tres quesadillas es bueno, no? I've been ok with meal planning. I prefer to have staples (meats/fish) and just whip things up as they occur to me. made stuffed mushrooms for myself last night. So damn good!

  5. I've had to really stick to meal planning, it's tough some days for sure.

  6. All hail the side knot! I can't pull off a top knot to save my life (I even hate it when I'm alone in my apartment just pulling my hair up to wash my face or something, my distaste goes that deep). On the upside, I'm pretty sure I'm going to copy that outfit today so thank you for being my inspiration on a warm-but-not-hot-day!

  7. I love long sleeves with shorts.

    I always throw my hair up and wherever it lands, it goes. I am not into hair.

    I think summer lends to slacking in regards to cooking and meal planning.

  8. Love the summer outfit! I'm not all that great at meal planning anyway. It's not like it's hard. It's just that making sure you have everything you need and then actually following through with the plan are my problems. I'm more of a "what do I feel like eating" person. Apparently, you feel like eating quesadillas. ;)

  9. This happens to me some weeks too, I'll buy a bunch of stuff and it just kind of sits around until the next week. At least now that we get our veggies at the farmers market they are still good when we get around to using them :)

  10. Your meal planning sounds like mine! love your sandals!!


  11. I like shorts with long sleeve shirts. It's been cooler here... and by cooler, I mean rainy and 85F but it still feels like 95-100. Alabama summer!

  12. I have so not been in the mood to cook. And, whenever I am, I don't because my husband is doing some weird diet and can only eat 5 things. Then he goes out of town and the kid won't eat my dinners, so why bother? My go-to isn't a quesadilla though, it's ravioli. But a quesadilla sounds good!

  13. Quesadillas are the best food Angel makes, so we nearly always have them when he's home and I'm at school for the day. And I never get tired of them! (of course, most of the time I cook more elaborate meals. :P )

  14. This was pretty funny! Fajitas are my quesadilla "cop-out" meal. just some veggies in a pan for 5 minutes and roll em up in a tortilla with some cheese (of course).

  15. Quesadillas are awesomely delicious. Have 3 more. Also, your side bun us totally cute!

  16. Every once in a while I get into a meal-planning mood, but I really do need to do it more often. Shawn works evenings a lot, so sometimes, I am only cooking for myself, and it is so hard to get motivated to cook for one!

    A couple years ago, Shawn bought a quesadilla maker (basically it just warms up the tortilla and ingredients... a pretty useless appliance 99% of the time since it only has one purpose). Maybe we should eat more quesadillas. We haven't really used the thing. What is our problem?! I love quesadillas!


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