July 17, 2013


I've watched a few movies.

Not Suitable for Children

I admit that I went for this one because Ryan Kwanten was in it. It was fun to see him acting with his native Australian accent and the movie takes place there.  He does play a rather Jason-Stackhouse-like character.  However, there's not a vampire in sight...
At the beginning, I was all, "Meh". Toward the middle, I was all, "Might as well stick it out". By the end, I was practically crying happy tears.  It has such a sweet, albeit non-traditional, love story component.  Since I'm not a fan of love stories, they usually have to follow a pretty unordinary, discombobulated path for me to like them.  This one delivered.  Scott fell asleep.

The Vicious Kind

If you're an Adam Scott fan, you need to watch this.  I find myself willing to watch any movie he's in because, as this will show you, he's a GOOD actor.  Like, not just a slightly funny one, not just a good-looking one...a GOOD actor.  And yeah, as usual, he plays an absolute jerk.  But you'll maybe like him a little bit by the end.  Maybe.
Brittany Snow as a nearly-gothic brunette will draw you in too.
We really liked it.

I also watched Devil (actually kind of good...I like Chris Messina), Celeste and Jesse Forever (better than I thought it'd be), and The Paperboy (dumbdumbdumb).

I've stopped listening to 2 audiobooks due to boredom.

The Book Thief and The Boleyn Inheritance.  Sorry.  I just couldn't do it. I've had the paperback copy of The Book Thief in my nightstand drawer since May of last year (I snagged it from the book order).  Now I KNOW I'll never read it.  That's a relief..one more thing I can get rid of.

I've taken no outfit pictures.  Oh, wait.  Unless you count this one.  I don't know what Scott doesn't understand about "shoes too, please".

That's a Banana Republic Outlet dress that you'll never, ever see all of I guess.

Oh well.  I figure it'll look good with blazers and boots in the fall too.  I was wearing these Old Navy sandals with it because I love them and I don't know why I ever worried about them being uncomfortable because theyaresodarncomfortable.

I did a treadmill interval run for the first time in a month (maybe more).  I actually had to adjust the times because, in the absence of running, I've gotten faster.  More proof that you can be conditioned without being a real runner!  My cardio classes have been helping me.

I made this Cake Batter Dip for a friend's party.  You should try it.


  1. I like Adam Scott, he's pretty cool!

  2. I love Adam Scott as of late, will have to check that one out!

  3. I also liked "Not Suitable for Children." More than expected to.

  4. I also liked "Not Suitable for Children." More than expected to.

  5. New follower from the blog hop! The Boleyn Inheritance is a good book, but I am not a fan of books on tape (even though my in-laws keep buying them for me).

  6. Super cute dress even though you can't see the whole thing. :)

  7. I think I've actually seen The Vicious Kind...I can't remember much about it though. I keep meaning to watch Celeste and Jesse Forever...I've seen Devil. It was decent. I love M. Night Shyamalan movies, but they've gone so downhill lately. I miss his older style, a'la The Sixth Sense and even The Village.

    Cute dress! Is it a maxi? I still haven't found one here for less than $70, and I don't want to order one online since I've never even tried one on...

  8. I haven't even heard of either of those movies. I'm a loser.

  9. I honestly don't think I could ever listen to any book in audio form and not be bored. The Boleyn inheritance is better if you've read the books before it, I would imagine. I can't say for sure because I DID read the preceding books first, but it's a theory. lol

  10. I tried to watch "Not Suitable for Children" but I got super bored and turned it off. Maybe I should try again.

  11. I need to get back to intervals. Summer is killing my workouts!

  12. I love Netflix, but get stuck on tv series, mostly. I like when you share movie finds so I can remember to watch later, lol. I love Adam Scott, and will totally add this to the list :)


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