July 15, 2013

funny stuffs. 7/15

Taylor is actually a year younger than Adele, and lots of women that age have children...but I still think it's a valid argument.  

The *plan* is to go to Lake of the Ozarks and camp one weekend soon.  
My reaction was a blank stare and this:

I don't think a compilation of reasons will get me out of it.  It didn't last time.

I don't understand the logic behind this, but it's ALWAYS true:

Okay, I have a joke for you that's based on my current experiences here at good old Ft. Leonard-Wood.  (Please don't take offense.  I mean, most of you won't, obviously, because most of you are, I'm guessing, like me.  However, you never know...)

How do you know someone went to West Point?


THIS. We were all taught, by Ross, the difference between "you're" and "your" in the 1990s.  He spelled it out quite clearly.  This is the only argument one should ever need.  I'm going to start sending this gif to those who just can't grasp this frighteningly difficult concept.  (I was about 10 years old at the time and I understood what he was talking about.)

This isn't really funny, just ironic.  Our truck, dented by Scott.  My brother's SUV, dented by a hit-and-run.  Both Toyotas, same spot on the vehicle, within 24 hours of each other.  
(The truck is being fixed next week...)

*Hope YOUR week is starting off well!*


  1. I love Ross & the YOUR/YOU'RE gif.

  2. Yes YES YES about "you're/your"!! OMG that drives me up the wall when I see it used improperly!!

  3. Hey, I love my nice clean empty refrigerator! But it's true that when my brother and sister come over, I ask if they want anything to eat, they're like, "No, we ate on the way, we know you don't have any food." And I'm like, "That's not true. We have zucchini and greek yogurt and frozen chicken."

  4. that ross picture is definitely one of my favorite ross moments! it still to this day pisses me off when people don't know the difference between you're and your!

  5. That is so ironic about the trucks! Sheesh. Not fun though.

    The West Point joke is pretty amusing! :)

  6. Your WP joke is funny. My husband tries to avoid telling anyone he graduated from there because so many people think they are tool bags. He takes it as quite the compliment when someone is surprised that he went there.

  7. Great GIFS and Memes today! :) I find the one about Taylor Swift and Adele particularly thought provoking!

  8. I really like that West Point joke, it's true! And the fridge thing... story of my life.

  9. I love the West Point joke! It's so true, they stand out like a sore thumb because they think they are better than everyone. My husbands new XO went to West Point but thankfully she seems to be ok so far.

  10. Haha, gotta love that Friends episode!! My fridge looks like currently. Hopefully it will look a bit more full once I shop tonight!

  11. Ahahaha, I love the end of "I hope YOUR...", and so funny you should say the first thing about Taylor and Adele; we have a friend in his mid-thirties whose wife just turned twenty-five, and truth be told she is mentally exhausting to be around. A few weeks ago, we went out for her birthday and when I griped on her age, my husband said, "she's only twenty-five, she's just immature", which I argued, lol. The NEXT day, we went to another bday party for another friend who also turned twenty-five (and acts like a normal person!) and I pointed out the difference and the same age thing and Jason had nothing to say, haha. Sooo not that you needed that novel, but it just happened and made me laugh at your example. :)

  12. If you're a Friends fan (and let's be real, who isn't?), you NEED to see this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/amartell/the-25-best-fashion-moments-on-friends.
    I'm pretty sure that I laughed out loud at almost every single one of them.
    Speaking of T Swift I watched a REALLY funny video yesterday about the 8 times that she has been scared on Ellen. HILARIOUS.
    I don't spend all my time on the Internet- I promise.

  13. I would probably like Taylor Swift more if she dropped the teeny love act. Then again, a bunch of teenagers are willing to pay for those songs, so I can't say I wouldn't be willing to get rich from it!

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