June 16, 2013

Your weekly television update

Were you underwhelmed with the Game of Thrones finale? I kinda was.

Though, unless they start bringing Starks back to life, I don't know how they could've topped the drama from the week before.

All I really have to say is...


Is this girl ever actually going to DO anything?  Like, anything at all?
Looks like a beauty pageant contestant for goodness sakes...

Tyrion is still my favorite.

Arya is a close second.

Here's to season 4!  

Next: Clearly, my Mad Men predictions didn't come true.  There's always tonight, right?

Maybe Ken will dance for us again.

Obviously, the end of Game of Thrones and the hysteria happening with Mad Men conspiracy theories are just opening acts leading up to the main event.

I'm so darn excited!


  1. I went to watch the first season of GOT On Demand and I am not subscriber of it :( POO!

    It's okay... I have another way to watch it ;)

  2. I'm interested to see how True Blood kicks off the new season. Billith has really dragged the show down and the whole Terry/Arelene story line annoys me for some reason...hopefully they can get it back together this year!

  3. Have you read the SOokie Stackhouse books? I'm a big fan. I really have only seen the first season of True Blood, I should probably fix that.

  4. I am so freaking excited for True Blood!!!!!

  5. I was also underwhelmed by the GOT season finale. I HATE Daenerys! My sister says the character is even more annoying in the book... as if that were possible. I have also never been a fan of Ygritte. Tyrion and Arya are my two favorites, also. I am anxiously awaiting Season 4. I am not happy that I have to wait like a year, though. Although, as slow as George R.R. Martin writes, hopefully this whole year-in-between-seasons thing will give him time to finish the last two books! :) I need to start reading! I am tired of my Mom and sisters speaking a secret language when I'm around to keep some of the BIG upcoming events from me!

  6. Just realized my parents have a free HBO trial this week...staying up way past my bedtime to watch TB at 11. PLease tell me its worth it!

  7. I am constantly waiting to see some real progress from Khaleesi. For God's sake...she has dragons! Dragons!! Why so little of her and her progress?? And I love Tyrion. Sansa should be thanking her lucky stars.


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