June 9, 2013


Just some food for thought...

I spent some time on Friday doing "research".  I clearly need a real hobby or something.

What's going to happen to Megan?  

Why is Don in this crime scene-esque poster twice?  Are the cops there to demonstrate the fact that there's a lot of crime going on in NYC this season?  Or is something big about to happen?  There's sirens in the background every time Megan has a line to speak. Is that a clue?

And what's with that veil-like sleeve on the woman whose hand he's holding?  Looks a little too deliberate maybe? Why don't they show who it is if it's Megan?

And what do those hallucinations Don was having mean? 

Why does Betty look so hot again?

And, really now, who IS Bob Benson?  I have no idea who he is.  I'm hoping he's a nice man who will sweep Joan off her feet and then maybe she won't be so angry all the time.

I'm pretty positive that no one cares what happens to Pete.  Least of all, Don.




  1. I have never watched this show but I hear its really good!

  2. I love this post, like actually LOVE it. This season got really dark right? I pretty much agree with all your questions, though I had never seen the poster until now. And yes I just asked Jason last week about Bob Benson, whats that guy's story?

  3. oh my gosh, Ryan and I read recaps every week trying to find all the conspiracies. I don't even know what to think! Love this post though, so many other things to ponder now. Clearly the flashbacks, hallucinations, and his ongoing cough mean something big. I know that something is going to happen to Megan, but what?! I'm going crazy! This is one of the best seasons yet.

  4. It's about time Betty looks normal and hot!

  5. You know, I was also thinking that there has been a rise in crime and violence with all the protests and inks taking place at this point in history (and the show, of course). So there may be something to all of this with Megan. And what about Peggy accidentally stabbing Abraham? (That's his name, right? Never really cared for him....)

    I did feel that Don's hallucination last week had to do with whatever it was that he smoked....

    I was happy to see that Betty was back to her gorgeous self. She was a little less crazy on that episode with summer camp.

    And yes, no one cares about Pete. And he knows it. lol

  6. It's on in 10 minutes and I can't wait!


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