June 6, 2013

Brownie Batter Rice Krispy Treats

Let it be duly noted that I made these almost 2 weeks ago.  They are long, long gone.

I have a serious issue with rice krispy treats these days.  I can't stop eating them.  I don't know what my problem is.  I don't even feel like eating ice cream!  I just want gooey stuff.  So strange.

Since I've been doing a pretty intense cardio workout each weekday, I've noticed that my hunger has really kicked in.  Before 2 weeks ago, I was doing cardio once, or maybe twice, a week.  That is kind of sad for me, because I'm capable of doing cardio each day.  That's what I was thinking while I ran that 5K our first week here...Scott told me I looked like a runner before the race.  I just laughed.  But then, as I trudged those few miles through the woods (yeah), I thought, "You know, there's nothing stopping me from doing this..no injuries, no physical limitations. My legs don't really hurt.  My lungs are okay...I just don't want to do this everyday."
I need to work on my willpower, I guess.

So anyway, the point is, I've been eating a rice krispy treat in some form or another, like, everyday.  That cannot be a good thing.

When I asked Scott what flavor he thought these were, he said, "Cocoa".  No.  They're much more inventive than that because I can't get off the brownie train.

Brownie Batter Rice Krispy Treats
makes a 9x13 pan

3/4 cup dry boxed brownie mix
1/2 cup chocolate frosting, plus extra for drizzling (I used Pillsbury.)
1 10-oz bag mini marshmallows
4 T. butter
1 t. vanilla
6 cups Rice Krispy cereal

In a large saucepan, melt the butter.  Stir in the brownie mix, frosting, vanilla, and mini marshmallows. Mix well until the marshmallows have melted. 

Fold in the cereal until it's all covered with the marshmallow mixture.

Spread into an 8x8 pan for thick bars or a 9x13 pan for thinner ones.


  1. yum!!!! love rice krispies made a little fancier :)

  2. Anything involving rice krispie treats is the best haha.

  3. Posts like this make me hate you, in the nicest way possible. If we were neighbors I would undoubtedly weigh 500 lbs. and never leave your kitchen.

  4. Judging by how much Isaiah and I both love brownies, these might last 10 minutes in our house. I will not be making them. ;)

  5. My mind just exploded. I will be trying these next since the Cake Batter Rice Krispy Treats were freaking awesome and a huge hit! I think, however, I will like these slightly better. Chocolate makes everything better in my world! :)

  6. Oh my word. This maybe my potluck dish for the end of the school year.


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