April 7, 2013

Sunday stuff (and a clarification)

1. I should clarify that when I whined told you about the whole thing where the army could keep us in Alaska, it was a possibility and it scared me and I had to get it out.  That's why I needed to write about it.  When the military is your livelihood, every day brings the possibility for drastic, dramatic change.  My stance has been that I didn't mind living in Alaska for a few years on the army's dime.  There's, in my opinion, no better way to see the 49th state.  But I know an awful lot of people who've gotten "stuck" here and now can't get out.  Be it because a husband reallyreallyreally wants to stay, a good-paying job, family nearby, etc.  I was scared of falling into that category.  Scott does eventually want to buy a piece of land here, and I'm okay with that, because this place has been an important part of our lives. We've spent our first 4 years of marriage here.  I wouldn't mind coming back once in awhile.  I just don't feel like living here anymore for multiple reasons.
I would, though, love for our future kids to see Alaska and not just have it be a foreign concept to them, like it was to me.

I suppose the greater possibility was always that we'd go to Missouri.  It's where the engineers go for training after their first duty station.  I just didn't want to have a countdown ready when, all of sudden, we weren't leaving after all.  That'd make me look like a liar (I work among civilians) and, probably worse, make people feel bad for me.  I don't want that.  But I do need to say that every bit of your support means so much to me.  

If any y'all wish to visit this place, you've got about 3 weeks left if you want a free place to stay.  Book those plane tickets now and be sure to pack those snow pants.  

2.  When I first heard this Macklemore/Ryan Lewis/whoever song on SNL a month ago, I thought it was a skit.  That's how out of sorts it looked and sounded to me.  I said to Scott, "Is this real?" because it seemed to be going on forever and skits don't normally do that.  He said, "I think so, I've heard it on the radio".    We're officially very, very old.  

3.   I mentioned awhile ago how I'm right-handed, but I shoot a gun left-handed.  I cannot close my left eye by itself (a genetic defect of some sort I'm sure), so I'm forced to shoot with my non-dominant hand (not that I shoot that much or anything).  I saw this and thought of my unique inability.

4.  Sometimes I really like my students.

Let me clarify: Sometimes I like some of them when they do something that's nice or kind toward me or someone else.  
Just kidding, I guess.  Everyone knows that all teachers love all children all the time.

Speaking of the children, I told them I was moving.  A few looked like they were going to cry.  One girl said I was breaking her heart.  Some asked why Scott couldn't just move without me (uh, because he'll have to pry himself from my cold, dead hands before he leaves me in Alaska).

Most kids looked at me like this:

I'm not kidding.  This is the most apathetic bunch I've ever had the pleasure of teaching.

5.  Does anyone know how to work the new embed feature on Pinterest?  I don't care for the new look of Pinterest simply because now I don't know how to work it.

6.  Happy Game-of-Thrones Day!   Let's celebrate with a quote.

This business starts up again today too.


I'm excited.  Which one should I watch first?

Happy Sunday!


  1. I'm right handed but left eye dominant, so I shoot left handed. I am actually a MUCH better shot now that I discovered which eye is dominant!

    I also bat, golf, and do various other things, left-handed. Call me ambidextrous!

  2. It's always scary to possibly get stuck in a place you don't like. We almost got stuck in Arizona after CCC and I was not happy at all. Thankfully that didn't happen.

  3. I would be whining about the same thing, esp with the quitting of a job.

  4. It always interests me how some kids can be so loveable and interesting...and other kids can be so.....boring and not terribly loveable either. I guess that explains the adults of this world, though. I'm sure my kids will be of the interesting kind. :P

  5. I'm left handed, but I can't close my left eye, but I've never shot a gun so I'm not sure how that works.
    I also really like that Macklemore song for running- it pumps me up!
    I think every class is different when you're teaching, and it depends not just on the teacher, but the chemistry of the class with each other. I'd be pretty upset if my Spanish teacher was moving, but i would cry tears of joy if my history teacher was moving. I'm not even kidding- she's like a grown-up Dora the Explorer. When every single one of her World History students asked her to move a test because we didn't feel prepared for it (we weren't! I spent 3 hours cramming because she hadn't taught us anything in the past two weeks), she told us we were using her.
    Like I said, tears of joy.

  6. that don't care clip made me laugh. i feel like with my group this year everything goes over their heads and they don't understand or hear half of what I say. funny how classes are so different year to year.

  7. I'm glad you're getting out of there! :) And I've never heard that song, but I love his other one... :)

  8. Good ol' Ron Swanson. That GIF had me cracking up. I have given that look to so many people.

    It is impossible for me to comprehend your relationship with a place like Alaska. I don't know if I could hack it for four years. We are ridiculously in love with Japan but our biggest gripe is that it rains a lot. So...yeah. It's a bit different!

    That Macklemore song is really, really stupid.


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