April 12, 2013

HIGH 4 for Friday

(#5 on this list is a gripe and complaint)

1.  They came to "survey" our stuff this week.  You know, so the MOVERS can come PACK UP all of our belongings NEXT WEEK.  I'm having trouble containing myself at this point.

2.  I seriously underestimated how difficult it would be to wrap up my business at school, pack up our entire life, take care of to-do's, and workout everyday.  Oh, and blog.  But I'll take crazy over bored any day.  I think.  Ask me again next week.

3. Workouts were something I'm trying to prioritize more than normal simply because I'm thinking I might go through withdrawals when I have to leave my gym in 2 weeks.
Saturday- 90 minute Pilates class
Monday- Body Blast
Tuesday-  Pilates, some intense snow-shoveling, and I put my body onto the treadmill for a few miles
Thursday- An interval run and Abs/Assets class
Saturday-If we're not too busy, I'll try to get to the gym for abs and the elliptical...or maybe the dreadmill again.  Same on Sunday.

When I am stressed out, I eat sugar and I exercise.  It's the only way I can funnel the frustrated anxiousness.

4.  I got some steals at Target the other day.  This sweater was $8.  (I knew they'd go down in price, Katie!)  Also, I got 2 dresses, including a Prabal Gurung one for $12, which was just right price to make it fall into my cart.
Pencil skirt: LOFT  (You can't see the leggings and boots but, OBVIOUSLY, they were there.)

5.  And, if you were on the Twitter the other day, I apologize.  I probably kept spamming you with my stupid retweets about the stupid, dumb, no-good Alaska Club.

Essentially, Scott joined The Alaska Club (a network of over-priced gyms across this fair state) back in November.  There's one near our house and, while he has free gym access on base, the base is 40 minutes away.  This way, he could come home, eat dinner, go work out, not feel stressed, etc.  (He tried my gym but they're more class-driven and didn't have the kind of weight-room set-up he wanted.)

Anyway, he signed up for the month-to-month plan so he could cancel when we moved.  We wouldn't be here long enough to sign up for a year.  He took his orders in, when he got them, last week.  They told him they needed a 60 day notice to cancel a membership.  He'd be charged for 60 days. May and June.  That's $180 for months we won't be in Alaska.  A lesson from Horrible Business 101, right?  Yeah.

After complaining and sending the paperwork via email to some manager, they told him they'd *generously* just charge him for an extra 30 days.  They're worthless.
If you're bored at work or at home on this Friday, send them a comment card on my behalf.  They'd like that, I'm sure.  I mean, who doesn't accept military orders? My school district didn't even ask for proof when I backed out of my contractual position.  Who does The Alaska Club think they are???

Anyway, happy weekend!  I think it's supposed to be above freezing here for the first time in a week.  Hallelujah.

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  1. Pretty much just wanted to say how awesome you are for using that Ron Swanson gif :)and yay for working out and target goodies!

  2. I have that sweater too!! I love it. :)

  3. What an awful gym. That's pretty ridiculous that they are STILL making you pay when you obviously aren't going to be there. I wonder if they act the same way when a member dies? (A little dark, but seriously?!)

    On a lighter note, YAY for moving!! What are you going to do without all of the snow?! ;)

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  6. I love the sweater! What on earth is Prabal Gurung? Sounds like an Indian dish...

  7. Oooo!!! What a great sweater!!! Also, what a dumb gym. ;-)

  8. Oooh, they will be hearing from me... As I read those tweets I became more and more irate.

    On the bright side though, you're almost back to the lower 48! I think we're all as excited about it for you as you are yourself - almost anyway ;)

  9. I really love your sweater! Florals urge spring to come faster I guess? I mean, fake it 'til you make it? Glad that it's finally getting warmer in AK!
    I literally have been at school from 7:30 AM - 9 PM everyday this week. Standardized testing combined with journalism late night week is a total killer. I haven't worked out except for PE this week, but it's Friday today, so that'll be fun! The best thing about sucky weeks is the end of them. Time for spring break!!

  10. I cant believe it is only a week away!

  11. That sweater is adorable.

    I'm also pretty sure that if its easier to get out of a contractual position than leaving your gym, something isn't right.


  12. Super cute sweater! I got one of the PG skirts a bit ago. Boo for that gym. They sound like the cable company after my mom died. It took forever for them to let me close the account.

  13. Okay sorry for the double comment, but I just had to say this. I went to Safeway and I saw the Tillamook ice cream that you're always getting so excited about and I begged my mom to buy some. She said yes, so I looked for the birthday cake one. Turns out they didn't have it. I was upset.

    It was like 34 here yesterday, so don't go thinking that just because you're leaving AK for Missouri means you'll be basking in 80 degree weather. Or even 70. The midwest hates being warm this year.
    Go bake some cupcakes this weekend.
    Cupcakes are made of healthy sugar.

  15. Most businesses bend over backwards to help out military...but there's just something about Alaska. There were some places (bars mostly) in Fairbanks that military wasn't welcome. I find this interesting. Anyway, boo on that gym! I miss my gym in Fairbanks (they were so cheap!).

  16. That's a cute sweater! And man--that's so annoying about the gym membership thing! It's so frustrating when businesses don't do the right thing but it's something I've come to expect more and more often. We're kind of spoiled with small, family-run good businesses over here. For Christmas dinner, Angel bought a pie from a restaurant, asking for an Apple pie, and when at home we found out it was a mincemeat pie after cutting it open, Angel wanted to take it back. I'm too cynical, I didn't think they'd do anything about it but they immediately said they'd made a mistake and gave us a real apple pie, I was surprised!

  17. OMG it's already April and you're moving. Where did the time go??????? Yay!

  18. That's some garbage--orders get you out of everything. Orders even let me get my rent pro-rated when I moved out at the last minute without giving 30 days notice and I knew like............10 months ahead of time that I would be leaving eventually. Anyhow. I was going to leave a comment card, but obviously I am catching up on your blog and I don't want to be *that guy* who sends a nasty comment after something has been resolved. Standby.


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