March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Social

I don't know why I'm calling this the "Easter" Sunday Social.  It has nothing to do with Easter.  But, hey, today's Easter!  Happy Easter!

A sweet little girl invited us to her church service with a package of Peeps.  Brilliant marketing on the part of True North Anchorage.

However, since we're pretty heartless, we took the Peeps and ran.  Actually, that church is over an hour from us, so we decided to go to our own church.  We really like's Southern Baptist...and we're kind of excited to find another Southern Baptist in Missouri.  Shouldn't be too hard, right?
After reviewing these Sunday Social questions, I thought, "Huh..this survey could really sum me up pretty quickly..."

Therefore, if you're new here, this is all you actually need to know. (Just kidding.  There's LOADS more. Keep coming back.)

1. What is your favorite type of workout to do?
Kick-boxing.  One day, I promise, I'll use that instructor certification I have.  Also, I love a good Pilates class. There's something so refreshing about it. Actually, if there was a class called "Stretching", I'd probably go.  I always feel better after a cool-down/stretch session.

2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?

This picture is called "Thursday"
Ice cream (I have a necklace) and marshmallows.  If there are marshmallows in the house, I will eat at them until they are gone.  My preferred method is melting them with peanut butter and chocolate chips and eating it with a spoon.  

3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?
If I don't have it on a list in front of me, I will forget to do it.  Period.  End of story.  If I don't write it down in my planner, it won't get done.
That'd being said, I don't "forget" things a lot.  I "put things off" a lot.  I wait until the last possible moment to pay bills, the last day I can make it to the post office before mailing those holiday gifts, etc.
While I'm a type-A list-maker, I'm actually pretty awful at being responsible for a lot of things at once. (See this post about why I can't/shouldn't pay bills.)

4. Do you prefer post-its or phone reminders? Why?
I like my phone lists because rarely do I leave the house without my phone...therefore I can't forget my list.
However, there's something magical about crossing off a task after you've completed it.  I must go with the post-its in this case.  As long as they're in my planner.  I hate having lists crumpled up everywhere.

5. What is your favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?
This picture is my phone background now.  I remember being warm.  Hopefully that'll happen again soon.

Port of Miami

Happy Easter!  May you be luckier than Easter break in this neck of the tundra woods.


  1. Oh yes you will find plenty of Southern Baptist churches in Missouri - there's a church of some sorts on every corner!

    Happy Easter!

  2. I love that picture of you 2! :)

  3. I am the same way with lists, lol. I LOL'd at the fact that you took the peeps and ran, lol. I would have prob done the same thing. oops.

  4. These questions do sum you up nicely. :) Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter! And OMG I need to try melting marshmallows with chocolate chips and PB...

  6. You two should vacation in Tillamook, ORegon and go to the factory. They have cheese samples (yum) and a huge ice cream shop. With all the flavors. its like my favorite place ever

  7. Cute pictures! Happy Easter!

    Stopping by from Sunday Social :)
    Jamie's Journey Through Life

  8. So you probably posted this in another blog, but you know I don't read them in order. You guys are moving to Missouri next? I'm the post-it queen. I write lists, numbers, appointments, and recipes on them. Rob thinks I should just buy a planner, but I'm stubborn and enjoy my colorful post-its.


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