February 24, 2013

Pinned. Did. Done.

On Friday morning, as I was all hopped up on cough syrup, I found myself trying this out at 7am on the kitchen floor.  I'll definitely be repeating it, as it felt like a great stretch, if nothing else.  
Maybe not everyday at 7am though.

Other than that, most of what I Pin (and accomplish) is food.

How 'bout you?  Accomplish anything you've found on Pinterest lately?

This intrigued me.  It's basically cold oatmeal.  But it was pretty tasty.  And since I've been off of cereal for almost 2 weeks now, I'm back to munching on oatmeal for breakfast again.

More breakfast.  Overnight Pumpkin Pancakes.  I did not like these.  Scott loved them (and ate them all).  I reached for the Aunt Jemima box and made myself a "real" pancake.  

Skinny Chicken Pot Pie.
I love chicken pot pie.  And I love biscuits.  However, we haven't been eating much of either of those in the last year or so.  My pot pie recipe uses a lot of fat/flour.  This one doesn't.  It was actually really good.  Next time, I'll cut the fat-free half-and-half with skim milk and add in some corn starch for extra thickening.  I made this in one big pan, instead of in small ramekins.

Apple Butter Bites. They were quite tasty and fudge-like.  And so easy.  It's worth giving them a try..especially if you have apple butter sitting around.

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas.  We highly recommend them! Since I'm not a fan of bottled ranch dressing (personal vendetta I've held since a lunchbox mishap in 4th grade), I used sour cream and ranch dip seasoning instead.  I'll certainly make enchiladas this way again.


  1. Oh wow, those enchiladas look so good. I am obsessed with anything ranch, but Mike HATES ranch so I don't cook with it too often :(

  2. Those apple butter bites look amazing! Yum! :)

  3. I'm glad you liked the apple butter bites! :) I still have some in my freezer for a quick snack. I must check out that pot pie!

  4. Yummy enchiladas! I only pin funny things now. lol

  5. You are so good about this! I need to start putting my pins into action.

  6. You've been on a roll with your pins! Lately I have been thinking about our next house and am itching to do some new things, but it is pointless since we have no idea where we are going to live!

  7. Oh my gosh. you're totally gonna think I copied you. LOL I have a post complete with photo and everything called "Pinned It, Tried It, Liked It" set to post tomorrow. You beat me to it. I swear I didn't copy. haha Now, I'm off to actually read this post....

  8. I really need to start doing some of my pins, too. I have a whole board of ones I've done, but not a single one of them is actually recent. Those apple butter bites look pretty darn tasty. And now I really want to try that towel thing.


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