February 12, 2013

Lists and concerns

What? You want to eat this fudge?  You'll have to wait for another day.  Recipe is forth-coming.  We've got pressing matters to discuss.  Kind of.

1.  We're moving in a few months.  It seems like a lot of time.  But when I think about how fast the time has flown since Scott's return on November 2nd, a few months seems like no time at all.  We have a lot to do.  My days are filled with laundry lists.  I've spaced out tasks, accomplishing a few things a week, thinking that then it won't hit me all at once.  I'm guessing it'll still hit me all at once.

2.  I'm nervous to move.  I haven't moved in 3 1/2 years.  We switched houses exactly 2 years ago, but we didn't leave Alaska.  This time, the army will come in, pack up all of our worldly possessions and tell us to get out.  It's nerve-racking.  As a type-A-introvert, the idea of my simple little routine be shattered is kind of hard for me to accept.

3.  I'm, sadly, most concerned about missing my t.v. shows.  We'll be moving in the middle of Mad Men and Game of Thrones.  This is slightly unacceptable.  Hopefully we'll be settled, with reliable cable, before the summer line-up begins on HBO and Showtime.

4.  As I said, we haven't moved in 3 1/2 years, and are now out of practice.  What do we keep with us?  What do we send with the movers?  (HELP!) We'll be preparing for at least a month without all of our stuff, depending on the reliability of the army.  Maybe we should plan on 3 months in that case...

5.  Scott felt the need to remind me we "probably won't have internet while in Canada." Thanks, darling.  I know. (It'll only be a couple days, it'll only be a couple days....)

6.  I'm trying to secretly pack up my classroom without actually packing up my classroom.  It's even more difficult than you would think.

7.  It's at times like this, when I'm really uncertain about things, that I tend to rely on God more.  One of my favorite books to teach is Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  Not only because I can segway quite easily into a WWII lesson, but because it has such a strong message behind it.  Lowry titled the book after this verse from Psalms.  It's been running through my head for days.

How can I not calm the heck down? (Because sometimes I get a little neurotic).
If the stars can be numbered, I think I'll be okay.

8.  Parent conferences are next week.  They are the bane of my existence.  I can tell you why someday. Probably after we move.


  1. I'm a creature of habit and when my simple routine is thrown off like someone taking my usual spot on the train into work like someone did this morning, ha it just makes everything seem weird! I also understand the whole packing thing but not wanting to pack up too much bc you aren't leaving yet. You are still trying to live your everyday routine without disturbing it too much. Thank you for sharing that book. I will have to check it out. Will be thinking about you. Have a good day

  2. As far as what to keep with you: we kept a small tv, Xbox, enough clothes for a month, cleaning supplies, towels, toiletries, folding chairs. :) you will be fine. It is stressful though.


    Now get happy and dance around! No more freezing cold weather!!

    Just.... Canadians. BWAHAHAHA!

  4. You are coming to Canada? (Even briefly!) That is exciting! Mid-move though a pit stop in Canada is probably just a hassle.
    In addition to necessities I kept out some of our "treasures" that can't be easily replaced (photo albums, diplomas, family stuff, etc) just to take a little worry off my mind. Do you know where you are moving to yet? Waiting to find that out is usually the worst part!

  5. Oh! I'm good at packing and not having your stuff!
    -You need 2 weeks worth of clothes(anticipate needing to hit up a laundromat, but don't take laundromat things with you because they all sell laundry soap)
    -Take with you in the car: A box or two(limit this because it can get out of control easily) of 2 bath towels, and a set of sheets, and some other household necessities, like paper plates, cups, ect so that when your movers arrive(likely at 8pm) you can just set your bed up and sleep in it without having to unpack 5 gazillion boxes looking for important stuff.
    -I'm going to assume you'll be in some sort of temporary housing? So take the laptop with you, but leave the tv with the movers.
    -As soon as winter is done, pack up all your winter clothes and gear so it's ready to go and not an additional To Do when you make the Big Pack

    That's all I got so far.
    You get to leave Alaska!!!!!!!!!
    And feel free to make a pit stop in Kansas ;)

  6. I'm a creature of habit. Moving doesn't sit well with me. I wish you luck! I'd only keep what you can fit in your car. I'd include sheets, towels, health & beauty aids, pajamas, cleaning items, paper plates/plastic utensils/cups, and some clothes.

    Where are you heading?

  7. I absolutely despise moving. DESPISE it. But if it got me out of Alaska............I think I'd manage somehow.

    The no-internets thing, though...on the other hand, it might be nice. ;)

  8. You'll do fine! Feed your movers and relax. They'll do the heavy work. Just pack clothes, toiletries... stuff you'd need on a vacation, a very long vacation.

    BTW we're starting Game of Thrones soon. I've been reading the first book. So excited!

    I loved Number the Stars, too. Great book.

  9. i hate conferences! good luck with them! and I too get overwhelmed and would worry - and I've only moved twice and it wasn't far so I wish I had some great advice for you but don't! except true that relying on God is a good lesson to learn and will definitely help!

  10. I know that you'll be glad to be out of Alaska, but I just got stressed FOR you while reading your post.

    BUT you are absolutely right. If God can number the stars and count them by name, you will totally be ok. :)

    I hate parent conferences, too. I never end up finding a nice way to convey how badly struggling students are doing or how awfully behaved a child is. So things end up sounding like it's all good...lol

  11. I'll never forget being on the Alaska/Canada line while driving to the lower 48 and trying to sign into their wifi. The password was "Cheeseburger 2010" I hope SO much that you stop at this random hotel, too and the pw remains.

  12. Moving is so stressful, especially such a huge one like you're doing. Just think, there will be an end, after the crazy person middle. :) And packing the classroom. Ugh. I remember that one. TOO. Much. Stuff.

    Did I miss where you're moving???

  13. I think I would like someone to pack everything and move it for me. (I say that now, Im sure I would also be freaking out about it.)

    Conferences are always yucky. We have ours in a month.

  14. For the love of Mike, pack some TP. We did our first move and got to our new place only to find that toilet paper is not provided. What kind of world is this. Oh yeah, we're supposed to be adults who can take care of our own basic needs. (Not.)

    I hope your move is smooth and easy. Maybe just plan for the worst and everything will surprise you and turn out beautifully! (That is my motto lately.) ;)

  15. We are in the same boat... Three months put and a cross country journey. I let the army take everything but what's irreplacable (my china, jewelry, important papers). Otherwise, ill file a claim if they break my couch and enjoy the non hassle of them moving it. For the record, we have had good luck and they haven't lost or broken anything in four moves! Good luck!

  16. Things have been so hectic for me lately and I haven't been over here to say hi for a very long time which makes me sad :-( I am happy to see that you're still making things that make me drool, looking cute, and making me laugh with your humor.

    But what is this about leaving AK?? Do you guys know where you're moving yet or can you not share? Love the Number the Stars reference, hope you're feeling more calm about it lately :-) Thinking of you!


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