January 27, 2013


It seems this was a really great outfit.  Unfortunately, I couldn't do it photographic justice when it was 17* outside.  My feet, in that snow, were cold.

Sweater: Express // Shirt: Gap // Jeans: JCP // Boots: Steve Madden // Scarf: gift

The color is a little distorted in that picture. Because the sun was setting, I brightened it up a bit so you could tell that my pants are blue jeans, not black jeans, and that my sweater is navy, also not black.
I'm such a cheater.
Oh, and any white spots are snow.

At least it was sunny that day.

It seems that my parents are trying to wear down my self-esteem.

They bought me a puzzle.  Last week, I decided, "I shall put this puzzle together..by tomorrow!"
That was as far as I got and then I gave up.  Then the clutter started to bother me and I stuffed it back in the box a few days later.  All that hard work gone to waste.  It's a shame.

It seems that Taken 2 wasn't nearly as good as the original.  I enjoyed seeing my buddy Liam Neeson mess people up, but the story line was a bit forced.  It was interesting to watch Kim use a fold-up map of Istanbul and a shoelace as a GPS though.  I could never do that.  He kept telling her to "go east".  I can't even "go right".

Do anything fun this past weekend?
I went to a 90 minute pilates class (I need one of those everyday, I do believe), made some stuff I had pinned, bought new sneakers, tried a new church...stayed indoors a lot.  The usual.

Oh, and I made marshmallow fluff.

It was everything I ever imagined it could be.

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  1. loving that outfit and although it was freezing, that second pic is sooo pretty! Don't feel too bad about the puzzle...the kiddos I nanny got a big 24 piece puzzle for christmas and the first time we did it I was all, "wtf? where do the pieces go?!" lol. That made me feel realllllyyyyy smart. Yum to the marshmallow fluff. I bought stuff to make cookies...and got super lazy. whoops.

  2. I love that outfit!!! SO cute and yum I love marshmallow fluff. :)

  3. That cardigan is a great color and Alaska almost looks beautiful!

  4. Cute outfit! I love cute and casual. I haven't done a puzzle in years, I'd probably get tired of having the pieces around and put it back in the box.

  5. Haha, I used to love puzzles as a kid! But I suck at them now (so badly); and I haven't seen Taken 2 yet but heard it didn't have the best reviews which bums me out since I loved the first one.

  6. made marshmallow fluff? yum! sounds like a good weekend! a 90 minute class? that is long! good for you! and I love the stripes!

  7. I tried a puzzle over Christmas break, and I too got frustrated with the clutter. Maybe if we had a card table I would have tried it for longer.

    How do you make marshmallow fluff??

  8. Whoa, getting all fancy with those watermarks, I see. I had to help my little brother with a puzzle when he was like, 6. I couldn't do it.
    So there is this movie I think you should watch: Beyond the Blackboard. Look it up, and be inspired! It'll definitely help you get through the last few months in AK.
    By the way, do you watch Downton Abbey?

  9. Look at you getting all domesticated! Making marshmallow fluff!!

    I love the outfit, I see why you messed with the color.
    And I am highly disappointed to read that about Taken 2.

  10. Lauren and Jenn (we realized you aren't blog friends, you should be) and I are on a Blate and your amazing sarcasm and honesty were a topic of conversation. Just thought you'd like to know. Nothing like some strangers getting together and talking about the other strangers we think we know but don't.

  11. Cute outfit!! I love marshmallow fluff too. Fun this weekend? My kids had back to back birthday parties, one which was at a rollerskating rink. I went rollerskating for the first time since I was 16 and I am proud to say that I didn't fall down. Even though my son (he's 5) was trying to take me out.

  12. Stopping by from the blog hop! Marshmallow fluff...YUM!

  13. love the way you paired the cardi, scarf, and it looks so cozy!

    C's Evolution of Style

  14. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate puzzles. HATE. I have the shortest attention span ever when it comes to detailed little things like that, and if it takes me more than 30 seconds to find the piece I'm looking for, I want to tear my hair out.

    A 90 min. Pilates class sounds amazing. I doubled up my Core Fusion workout last night so I got in 40 minutes of yoga/whatever they call their stuff. I thought that was a lot...

    Pretty sunset, though. That's one thing...of like, two things...Alaska's got going for it. Pretty sunsets.

  15. Hey there! Stopping by from Mingle Monday. My husband loves puzzles and I try to help from time to time, but I give up pretty easily! New to your blog...excited to read more!

  16. Casual and cute! :) I hope a weekly Sunday Style link-up if you'd like to join! Visiting from #YOLOMondays!


  17. Stopping by from Mingle Monday...love the outfit!! And I love eating peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches!

  18. Here from Mingle Monday! I have to say, don't even worry about that puzzle..we used to be forced to do them with our cousins at the beach and I hated them! Much rather watch Netflix :)

  19. I love your outfits! And homemade fluff? Do share!

  20. Ooo! I have everything but the boots! Love that outfit! :D

    I really miss doing puzzles, but two year olds kind of put a damper on that. lol Soon, soon...

  21. Visitng from mingle monday! How tiny are those pieces, no wonder you coudln't finish it in a day!!


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