January 2, 2013

Not-so-new hair

Shirt: Target // Shorts: Old Navy // Sandals:  American Eagle (3 years ago)
Look.  This is what I look like when I'm warm and happy.  Nice change, huh?

I totally didn't know this before, but apparently my husband likes girls with long hair.  I use "long hair" loosely here, because this is the longest my hair has ever been.  Pretty sure it was shoulder-length when I met him.

He also likes brunettes.

I totally did know this, and it's probably one of the reasons I keep my hair highlighted blonde.
To prove him wrong.
Because I'm blonde and he likes me.  Most of the time.

So when I declared, "I'm getting my hair cut!", he was all, "Okay, but I like long hair."
And then I started to feel bad.

I mean, there's so much I can't/won't/don't do for him already.
Make him salmon, meatloaf, or tuna for dinner.
Fish with him.
Camp with him.
Hunt with him.
Go outside with him.

The least I could do is not chop 4 inches off my hair.

Plus, I was reminded (by some high school pictures) that every time I cut my hair, I hate it two days later and spend the next 18 months growing it out.

This is annoyingly embarrassing, but this is why I can't have short hair.
Because this is what it will look like.
2003 *shudder*

So I went with some layers in the front.
Sorry to those of you who were hoping for a dramatic change.
I'm not very dramatic in the looks department.

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  1. I really like it. Looks so fresh and healthy! I love layers and get them whenever I get a cut.

  2. aww I think it looks pretty!! I love it.

  3. I like the layers! I think you could pull of short with the right hair cut. Actually I think everyone looks better with short hair if they have the right cut! Chris does not agree at all. He loves long hair and like you with the blonde, I kept mine short for a good long while during our time together just to show that I could still be loveable despite my hair choices. Somedays, I was even right about that :P

  4. I really love the layers! I'm about an inch away from the length I want my hair (the longest it's been since elementary school) and yesterday I had the urge to cut it. I'm not giving in!

  5. I love the new cut!!

    Also, is your blog looking different? I like that too:)

  6. Hahaha "this is why I keep it blonde". You go girl that's exactly how my hair looks right now too!

  7. I love the layers, it looks great on you. :)

  8. The layers look fantastic! And no matter how much (or less) you chop off, a good haircut feels AMAZTING (I'm in desperate need of one right now...) I don't do camping either. I do A LOT of out-of-character things "for" Greg but camping? NOPE. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Gross. ;-)

  9. My husband never tells me how he likes my hair. I ask him every time I am going in, but he always says "it doesn't matter, you are going to do what you want anyway." ha! He's right. i do like the layers!

    Are you back at work today or next week?

  10. I like the layers! I wish my hair was thick enough to do layers like that, but...then I'd have no hair left underneath. ;)

  11. I like it! I think the layers are super pretty!

  12. Youre right, I was expecting more of a change (pixie cut maybe? J/k) but I love it. You look great & the layers fram your face really well. Good idea in keeping long, btw.

  13. Love the layers! I've had layered up hair for years, it makes the days I don't want to take the time to dry it (read: 5/7 days a week) almost entirely unnecessary because my hair dries in such bizarre waves I can pretend it was totally intentional!

  14. Love it! Though I think we must be totally opposite people because I want to cut my hair short again, I hate it long!

  15. i love your layers!! so pretty!

  16. Hair looks gorgeous!! Love it!!

    Happy New Year :)

  17. Hello pretty lady!
    I think you should've rocked the 2003 look. Haawwwwt.
    But the new look is definitely a close contender to the early 2000's.

  18. I think the layers look great!

  19. I love the layers! It looks great! I love having long hair, and Scott doesn't like short hair either. So that works out. When it gets too long, though, it makes me crazy. So I get it chopped off (to below my shoulders) and start all over again!


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