January 22, 2013

A horrific grammar mistake

A long time ago, when I mentioned my biggest pet peeve, I lied.  I said that having my name misspelled drives me bonkers.  And it does.  But I found something else that bugs me more...something that has been bugging me since high school.

Something that makes me positively stabby.

Are you ready...?

When people type "Yea", instead of "Yeah".

They are two different words with two VERY different pronunciations.  
When you say "Yea." in response to "So, are you going to the post office today?", 
you are saying "YAY".  I'm betting that's not what you actually wish to convey.  Be it the mall, school, work, the grocery store, or a funeral, "YAY" is not the word you respond with concerning that question.

If you don't believe me, go to dictionary.com and listen to the pronunciation guides.  They put them there for a reason.  

Perfect example:
In high school, my school's football team gave shirts to their players.
On the back, it said:


So, really, FOOTBALL. YAY.

I pointed this out to everyone but NO ONE listened.  
They thought I was insane.  I thought they were idiots (and this is why I have no friends).

To this day, when I see my brother wearing that ratty old shirt, my blood boils.  Just a little bit.

Once the advent of Facebook came along, I noticed the uneducated making this mistake more and more often.  
Status update:  
"Going to the vet. My poor dog has a bladder infection :("
"I'm so sorry. She's really old though, right?"

NONONONO.  You do not respond to that with "Yay".  Now, I not only think you are an over-sharer (the worst kind of Facebook friend), I think you're an idiot.  Good for you.

I guess what sends me over the edge is that people seem to think this is okay.  
The your/you're and their/there/they're debates are widely recognized.
The yeah/yay/yea issue is ignored and passed over.  

It's insulting to those of us who know the difference between spelling and pronunciation.

Don't you agree?

Yea.  I know you do.

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  1. You should just start writing "Verily, thus!" when someone uses "yea." Go olde school.

    My pet peeve is when people misspell "whoa" by writing "woah." Come on. You're not even trying.

  2. It never would have occurred to me to write "Yea" istead of "Yeah". I would also probably think something like "Yea, Lord we greet thee..." if I saw it. But I've lived my whole life getting scolded by my Grandpa every time the word "Yeah" comes out of my mouth...so, "The word is 'yes' not 'yeah'" is even more deeply ingrained into m...

  3. I'm guilty of both of these things!! I totally spelled your name wrong yesterday in my post. The bad part about it was that your name was right in front of me spelled correctly! I'm awful when it comes to grammar and spelling! Sorry for spelling your name wrong!

  4. Yes! (Yeah!)

    My sister always says Yea. And I think, yay! And then my mind flashes to 1780 or something, with a bunch of guys in wigs making decisions, and one guy says... Yea or Nay? That's all. I'm weird. ;)

  5. I agree, I always notice that too!

  6. I totally understand. I was going to comment on my irritation with the misspelling of whoa, but Caitlin beat me to it! Seriously, people, it's not that hard! Woah? It doesn't even look right!

  7. Haha. I'm glad I'm not the only one with these annoying grammar/spelling pet peeves. LOL

  8. Heehee, that picture is awesome.
    And I agree. I always read it like, Verily verily, yea Lord I greet thee...
    Which I don't think was what the writers were going for.
    And now that I've double checked the spelling, grammar and typos of this comment I feel safe to publish it ;)

  9. Verily, I agree!

    I used Stabby the Unicorn in my post today! Too funny.

  10. I love Stabby.

    And I agree. It's "yeah" not "yea"...and I know that technically they can be interchanged in some situations, but "yea" always just looks like someone forgot the last letter. Which is annoyin.

  11. I agree!!!! I try my hardest not to use "yeah" at all. My parents would not allow us to say it.

  12. LOL!

    Seriously, can you give me grammar lessons? 's and s' get me every. single. time.

  13. See also: ya

    "Ya" does not equal "yeah"

    Grammar issues make me hate people I might otherwise like. On that note, I adore this post.

  14. I hear ya on this! I think sometimes I type "yeh" BUT when I read "yea" I also think "yay". I probably wouldn't have thought much about it, but now it's gonna drive me nuts! LOL

  15. Wow I didn't know that! For some reason,(subconsciously, I guess) I have always used "yeah." Maybe it's because I'm partial to Hs. Like you, I'm insistent that my name be spelled right, MegHan. However, at some point, I just started giving up and started going by "Meg" haha

  16. Ahh!! Now I get it.... it's kinda like "yay or nay".. right???

    I tell you what PISSES me off..

    No lie. True story. Every time my ex-husband and I argue over Abby... he says "are". When it's supposed to be "OUR". OMG!! It pisses me off like you wouldn't believe!!!

    But then again, I find myself LAUGHING at him because he's in fact.. dumb.

  17. I type "yeah" just because I like how it looks compared to "yea," cool to know I was right all along ;)

  18. You're right. Yea, you're right. And sadly I am guilty of this allllllllllll the time. I'll now be making a conscious effort to stop.


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