December 6, 2012

Why I don't watch the VS Fashion Show

I don't know that I even have any business talking about this because I'm NOT a lifestyle pop-culture blogger in the sense that you'd ever hear this from me:
"Oh, I love that celebrity's outfit.  She looks so good.  I want it. I want to be her.  I want to have those legs.  I want to wear that sparkly dress to a party. I'm jealous."

I'm not that girl.  I don't want to look like someone else necessarily.  I just want to make myself look healthy and toned.  "The best version of Kristin", we could call it.

But I read an article on that made me think about this more than I wanted to...

I did not watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show.  Why?  I don't care.  Simply put, right?  Why do I care if some 5'11" super model with an accent is wearing a bra made of diamonds?  It doesn't matter to me.

I don't know why anyone would think, "Oh my, I want to be that girl.  Life isn't fair, it just isn't fair. Why aren't I that skinny??"

Because if you were that girl, your entire life would revolve around every calorie you consume.  And you wouldn't be consuming a whole lot of calories.

In this article, last year, Adriana Lima said that she does this crazy diet for this one show and then goes back to normal afterward.  Like she's an athlete in training.  Uh, okay, awesome.  So why are we watching anyway?  It's not like they're scoring touchdowns...or doing cartwheels on a 4-inch balance beam.  They are no healthier or physically fit than you or me.  They just seem to look better as they walk down a runway in crazy costumes we can't/won't/don't-want-to buy anyway!  At least at Fashion Week, those are the styles coming to the stores (eventually).  Then again, I don't really know what they modeled the other night because I didn't watch.

If I've learned anything this past year, it's that skinny does not equal healthy.  Sure, I'm thin.  But I like to think that is thanks to my metabolism being ramped up because of the muscle tone I've gained.  I've more or less discovered that the best way to a flat stomach is: 1) core work, like planking 2)kicking/punching via kickboxing and 3) no fried food.

This article talks about how Adriana Lima (this year) got back to that runway 8 weeks after having her second child.
I understand that this is her job.  And her job just requires different things of her than, say, my job does *eye roll*.  (I wish my job paid me to work out.) But what I really don't get is that magazines, news outlets, and the like are spilling the secrets and glamorizing the act of eating nothing but greens, lean proteins, and water and working out 6 hours a day.  That's the part I'm uncomfortable with.  I think that we all kinda knew that this is what the VS models went through in the weeks leading up to the show (something about no solid food 9 days prior?), but why do we have to talk about it?  Why do we have to say we're jealous?  Because you, friend, would not be a happy camper if you had to live off of protein shakes for over a week (sugar-free, no doubt).

I feel like I tried to make a point here.  Not sure if I did.  What do you think?  Do you watch the VS Fashion Show every year?  We watched Breaking Bad re-runs (and Elf) Tuesday night instead.

Oh, and I couldn't wait to save this for my Sunday Funny Stuffs post.  It needs to be seen by the soon as possible.

You're welcome.


  1. love this!!! I have seen a few mins of the show here and there but I have no desire to watch it either. Breaking Bad + elf > VS models wearing nothing (more or less). I just don't get it, truly. I feel like they made the show to MAKE girls feel inferior.

  2. Did you see the article showing pics of the VS models without their makeup?!?! Some were... well, just go look for yourself! :)

  3. LMAO... I want that cat!

  4. Totally agree with you on this post! I did not watch it either! Why would I want to watch a bunch of women walk around in sparkly underwear! If it was hot men in speedos then maybe I would reconsider it!

    I totally agree with you on the diet! Who wants to live like that? Having someone watch every fork you put to your mouth? I like food and if I have to work out to eat what I want so be it!!

    Love Grumpy Cat!!!

  5. I wouldn't want to ever look like them. I'm skinny enough, I don't want to be bone skinny. Or that tall...

    That graphic is funny!

  6. Hey Kristin, I am looking forward to no solid food in a few weeks, thanks to the dentist torturing me. Yay protein shakes (said by noone ever.) Esther Norine Designs

  7. Yes!! I read that same article and I wanted to slap her. I could care less about this fashion show, I wouldn't want to be that skinny.

  8. I didn't even know there was such thing as a Victoria's Secret fashion show until this year, and then I heard about it from bloggers. I assume it's already over, so I'm pretty sure I'm not watching it. I like clothes, but I can hardly go in a VS without blushing or feeling like running away to start out with...and I can't imagine why I would ever have any interest in watching theirs or anyone else's fashion show.

  9. We watch it. But I wouldn't want to be one of them.. I love food too much.

    What really bothers me is all the tabloids that go crazy about women who lose all their baby weight within weeks of having their child.
    If all new mom's had live in nannies, chefs, and personal trainers then they would be back in shape too!
    (Although I do know some women who go back to their pre-pregnancy weight days after having their baby but that's rare)

  10. Totally agree...I really don't see the point. Like you's their job to be thin. They wear stuff I'd never buy in my life. I'd feel awkward watching a bunch of half naked models walk down a runway for two hours or whatever. I honestly don't even shop at Victoria's Secret but maybe once every couple of years. So, yeah...kinda pointless to me.

  11. I don't ever watch it, and I don't ever wish I was those girls.

    I like to eat, and I'm not going to stop doing that. And sometimes I like to eat bad things. And I'm not going to stop doing that either.

    When I exercise, I don't do it to be skinny. I do it to be a healthier, better, stronger version of me.

  12. I watched it, out of habit. I do think it's fake - people don't look like that especially just after having a kid. Not fake like FAKE, but fake like starving. I try to take it with a grain of chocolate. :)

  13. Didn't watch it. Never have. Never will. I don't see the point in a bunch of women parading around half-naked in lingerie that won't even be available in stores. I mean, a diamond bra practical?

    And from the previews, Justin Bieber was somehow involved this year. No thanks.

    LOVE the Grumpy Cat Meme! :)

  14. I didnt even know it was on! Besides, I prefer food, and wine for that matter.

  15. it's amazing to me that none of them pass out while walking on the runway. it really seems like such a ridiculous thing to go through that to show off some underwear!


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