December 4, 2012

What's it like to delete Facebook?

Okay, maybe not "delete".  Deactivate.

My reasons are 4:

1.  I don't care what kind of diapers you use.  One more of my domesticated friends "liking" Lysol was going to push me over the edge. Nor do I need to know if little Sally wet the bed last night (Do some of these people realize that everyone sees these posts? It's not a personal communication device.).  Trust me, little Sally will disown you when she realizes you've been telling the entire world that she is wetting the bed at 3 years old.  Shame on you.  That's what phones, text messages, and private messages are for.

2.  Stop wishing your football/baseball/hockey team "good luck" on Facebook.  It's not like Twitter.  There's no trending topic and they. are. not. reading. it.

3.  The "thankful" posts pushed me over the edge this November.  This lady puts it nicely.  It's like she read my mind.

4.  Scott deactivated his months ago.  I mean, why do I need one?  If I can't be that wife who tells her husband how much she loves him via the Facebook Newsfeed, then I don't want a Facebook page.

Day 1-  Feeling good. Empowered even.  This is kind of nice.

Day 2- Wow, my online browsing options seem rather limited..."What?  Scott, you want me to reactivate to find something out about someone for you?  *sigh* Alright." 10 minutes later?  Deactivated again (without even checking notifications!), citing "I don't feel safe on Facebook" as the reason why hehehe.

Day 3-One less thing to check before work.

Day 4-This may be LESS stressful actually,  I don't feel compelled to READ ALL THE STATUSES and can get on with things in real life.

Day 5- Still feeling less "online stress".  I like this.

Day 6- I have no desire to even check to see what people are eating for dinner.  Or what they have to say about the weather.  Or what unfunny eCard they found humorous today.  (People find the dumbest things funny, don't they?)

Day 7-I'm having a not-so-good night.  I don't want to read about how happy people are anyway.

And that's week one.

In all honesty, I deleted the App from my phone over a month ago.  The only time I use social media on my phone is when I'm out and about.  And I figured if I'm out and about and I exhaust Gmail, Twitter, Instagram (kedarhower), and Safari, it's probably time to either pay attention to what I'm supposed to be doing and/or find a real person to talk to.

So.  Are you going to take the step and deactivate someday?  The only way it's affected me thus far is that I can't enter blog giveaways by "liking" a blogger's profile.  Eh.  If that's the worst, I'll take it.


  1. I WANT to deactivate. I don't know what's holding me back, actually. Mostly, I just don't care about 85% of those people anymore and Facebook forces me to sort of care.

  2. I delted my account 6 months ago. I didn't miss it much.

    I did make a new one recently just so I could make a page for the cake decorating classes. I am severly limiting my personal account. Drama be gone!

  3. I deactivated in college. It started for finals so I could actually study and then it went all through winter break and was wonderful. However, when I got back to school and like 3 weeks into the semester... I got bored. It promptly returned. I know what you mean about the people and their babies. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOUR KID STARTS USING THE POTTY. Seriously, I hope facebook is around that long so kids can see how crazy their parents are.

    On another note, why do you write the best/funniest posts??? :)

  4. The only thing keeping me from deleting is my family members far away and the pictures of their kids I only get to see a couple times a year! Facebook makes me doubt humanity... lol

  5. The only reason I have a FB page is to stay up to date on my nieces' lives cause they're 500 miles away. Ive tried getting the SIL to do the webcam thing but she's a ditz & claims she doesnt know how to use one. Meh.

    So yeah, I dont really give to shits about what people are greatful for or their overly godly posts, just what my nieces wore to their dance recital :)

  6. GO you!! gosh, I have SO many people hidden on facebook and hardly post anything anymore.
    I realized the other day that half of my friends knew nothing about anything going on in our lives because they don't bother to read my blog and I didn't post about it all on facebook. It was a weird realization.

  7. I can't do it yet. I can't cut those strings and break that habit. My husband did, but he was never on anyway. I just love sharing my photos with family and being in the various groups I'm a part of!

  8. Living in Europe and so far away from my family makes it difficult for me to totally disown facebook ;) I would love to because it tends to cause problems with friends. Oh wow you hung out with her today and didn't invite me or ew did you see what she wore today. Blah. So if it weren't for being a military spouse and needing to connect with my family I totally would be deleting facebook.

  9. I agree about the thankful posts!! I knew which specific people to hide.

  10. I think I blocked almost as many people during that whole "thankful mess" than I did the election. And you know I'm a big proponent for gratitude, but... Seriously. I'm sure your kids are great and all, but no one cares that you're thankful for successful potty training except maybe the people at the rubber sheet factory.

  11. This post is awesome. There are so many people that abuse FB and use it to document every little thing in their life and try to post something about EVERYTHING that is going on in their head. Those thankful posts were pretty silly and I know plenty of people that post how much they love their beau on FB via a whole paragraph of love.

  12. Seeing people post all sorts of things about their kids that would completely embarrass them as teenagers is too much for me. We keep ours just so we can keep up with family and I update mine once a week or so. I know Dylan's family especially likes to see pictures of things we do, but I limit what I post on there!

  13. Pretty much the only thing I use (my real) FB for these days are photos for the family. Otherwise, I only use my page. The rest is annoying.

  14. I want to but I probably won't. I have a few family members that use FB as there only way to communicate. I have thought about getting rid of pretty much everyone on there, but I am nosy.

  15. First, thanks for the shout out! And for calling me a lady, which probably isn't true;)

    I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. I do feel like a spend too much time there. But, I'm not really into Twitter and Instagram - so that makes it ok. Right?

  16. I need to take the app off my phone, I find myself checking it needlessly and then being annoyed. I rarely go on it when I sit down on the computer (because clearly my blog friends are top priority).


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