December 27, 2012

Vacation recap.

Vacation recaps can be boring.  Hopefully mine won't be. 

Port of Miami

The first thing that caught my eye in Miami?  The port. That's where Dexter hangs out.

A view from our balcony.  I might frame this one.  I like the colors in it.

Oh, yes.  The ship. Carnival Glory.

Pedicure was well-worth the money.

Manicure was not.  My nails are already all gnawed up again.  

Our only view of Cozumel, Mexico... 

...because we spent the day in the infirmary, and then confined to our room.  
"Yay" for quarantine, right? #no

Husband was not well.

But the next day, we managed to get off the boat and spend some time in the country of Belize.  

I need to stop skipping "arm day".  I think that's Guatemala behind me there. 
Maybe. I have no sense of direction. 

I show you a picture of my shoes only because I threw up all over them (and myself) the day before.  I did a pretty good job of scrubbing them up.  They spent the night drying on the balcony.  
Oh, the things they've seen!

Scott's "I'd rather be in Alaska" face.  Nice hat, right? #no

In Roatan, an island belonging to Honduras.  

Sea turtle farm in Grand Cayman.  Caymanians eat these things.

You're supposed to rub their necks to stop them from flapping their flippers.  You'd think that would tickle though.
As for our week in Pennsylvania?  Well, I was sick for most of it.  Actually, all of it.  I had a fever when we landed in Pittsburgh and horrible body aches for 2 days.  Along with a sore throat, the congestion that followed wasn't pretty.  So my lack of pictures speaks for itself.  I was too miserable to take any.
This is me in our house in Pennsylvania.  It's a remodeling project that is stuck in transition because we live in Alaska.  We have big plans for it.  Someday.
That's a large Sheetz coffee.  Only $1.
 Oh, and I was playing with the manual camera settings while we were in Miami.  I like this one.
This is what December should look like.  Warm and pleasant.

I'm writing a letter to Carnival Cruise lines.  Next week, guys, you'll get to read it too...


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you were sick on your vacation. That typically happens when we go away out of the U.S. as well. Some kind of lovely Montezuma's revenge. DH also experienced the ship infirmary on our honeymoon cruise----he swam into a swarm of fish and got sprayed by "cocklesperm". I am glad I had a phobia of snorkling since I couldn't touch the bottom of the water with my feet, so I stayed on the boat ;).

  2. It sucks that you guys were sick! I love the photos, at least you have some nice ones to remember the better times! I love that you held that turtle he's so cute! This also made me realize it's been about a month since my trip and I've yet to post about it. I'm impressed by your promptness!

  3. I can't believe how sick you guys got :(

  4. At least you got some good photos, through all the sick.

  5. Oh yikes I can't believe you guys go so sick. You did a fantastic job scrubbing your shoes. I hope you guys enjoyed your vacation despite being sick. I wonder what got you both so sick??

  6. Great photos but bummer that you both got so sick. :(

  7. I can't believe y'all traded off on illness. No fun. I hope y'all managed to enjoy some non sick time, as well.

  8. Found you through Into The Forest Dim.

    Looks like a gorgeous vacation. A cruise is definitely on my list in 2013.

  9. That sucks you guys were sick for so much of that trip but it looks like so much fun! Hopefully the sun was enough to tide you over until you're out of here.

    I totally want a baby sea turtle. I just don't want it to get big.

  10. I just wanna hold that little turtle man. :))

  11. That stinks that you were so sick on your vacation! I am glad you were able to get out and enjoy some sun and warm though!

  12. that is my worst fear getting sick on vacation! so sorry it happened to you. from the pictures, it does look like you enjoyed what you could of the trip. :)

  13. Sucks that you guys were sick. That photo of Scott's 'Alaska' face is hilarious. I love turtles but sea turtles always creeped me out a bit with their bird like arms, ew.

    And, without coming off all creeper like, you have super cute feet. Seriously, there are some funky ass feet out there, some where you'd like to go up to the person & say 'put some g-damn shoes on & shield our eyes from those nasty things.' haha

  14. Your recap certainly wasn't boring! I'm sorry you were sick on your cruise and while you were home. Maybe next time you come home to PA, we can meet up!

  15. that stinks that your husband was sick and then you were too! I think we went on the same cruise - to the same places. We were scared of belize - we went into the town and it was seriously scary and we only stayed for 10 minutes and got back on the ship!

  16. This looks so fun! I love the nail colors!


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