November 13, 2012

Insta-Tuesday and A Winner!

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway from Jen.  Now?  She wins the giveaway from me.
Irony, right?
Well, congratulations to Jen!  I hope you can make use of this headband! If not, there's probably a few people out there (like me) who would gladly take it off your hands.
Proof.  She tweeted about the giveaway last Monday.
Tweeting pays off, friends.

So. Back to Insta-Tuesday with Jane at Taingamala.
My Instagram handle is kedarhower.  If you're Insta-rested. Ha...haha.
(please still be my friend)

Scott perfected the art of brick oven pizza while deployed.  It's too bad he couldn't find the correct ingredients back here in 'merica.  We made it work with plain ol' white flour, though.  
It was tasty.

#Winesday has been happening everyday.  Ain't no shame in that...

It's cold outside.  I'm still in half-denial over the onset of winter.  Like, I'm pretending it's not happening.

The lovely Lin at Linny's Vault sent me a scarf.  I'm pretty sure the only relationship better than "marriage" is "blog friend".  Thank you, Lin!

Speaking of blog friends, I made E's almond butter last week.  It is terrific on whole-wheat waffles with a drizzle of honey.  Since I've officially given up cereal again (3 boxes a week is NOT okay), that has been my standard breakfast lately.

Despite my disgust at Target's the universe's ploy to fatten me up, I may have to pick up these Candy Cane Oreos.  I have an idea for a treat that can be made with them.  Stupid Nabisco.


  1. I have been looking for those...can't find them. I did however find the white fudge oreos and I sorta wish I hadn't. Kinda. Okay, not really. Love them!

  2. I saw those oreo's the other day. Honestly thought Kristin should make some delicious dessert with them! and I love that scarf - what a sweet friend!

  3. That pizza looks amazing. I don't know why I don't make pizza more often.

    Fattening me up? Your pumpkin butterfinger cookies. Lord almighty. They'll be on my blog tomorrow linking back to you.

  4. Haha I do think it's pretty ironic that we win each others giveaways! :)

    Ummm send that pizza my way! Yummy!

  5. I couldn't find those Oreos at the grocery store yesterday.

    Guess what I'm going to be looking for in Juneau next week??

  6. Wine day every day is the way to live, baby! ;) Wine and the Oreos...a good night. :)

  7. I need those Oreos. I don't know if I can survive much longer with out them

  8. Dude that pizza is totally making me hungry, those Oreos aren't helping either. Yum!

    And you're so very welcome :)


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