October 26, 2012

"If you can't say anything nice...

...don't say anything at all."

That's the approach I'm taking.

With that being said...

I'm tired.  I'm worn.  I'm lonely.  I'm bored.  I am so, SO bored.  I'm not being challenged. My mind is not being used to capacity.   I need something to challenge me.  Ideas?

BUT.  It's Friday.  I won a Starbucks giftcard and some Essie nail polish from Jen's 200 follower giveaway. And I can sleep in tomorrow. Maybe I'll bake something.  Like pumpkin bread.

Oh, and my friend Kate is thisclose to 300 followers.  You should help her out.  I won a giveaway from her once too.  Maybe that's why I like her.

Speaking of not being able to say anything nice...

Because people think you're being overdramatic when you start throwing around words like "hate"...

Nope.  I'm not overdramatic at all.


  1. i'm sorry your in a bad mood! at least your wearing ridiculously cute boots. :) you should make some dessert creation this weekend and then send me one. Although I didn't eat any sweets yesterday and I way to proud of myself. trying for day 2! :)

  2. Haha I love following your blog (partly for your awesome office quotes). Did you watch the Halloween episode last night?


  3. It snowed here yesterday in Minnesota so I gave in and wore jeans today instead of shorts.

    I'm regretting it already!

  4. So glad you won the giveaway! :)

  5. Thanks for the shout! One of your friends was my 300th :) hope your weekend is relaxing and the lonely days are coming to a close!

  6. Oh, Michael. I love him. (Opposite of hate.)

    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. I can relate to a lot of it. Alaska gets lonelier in the winter.

  7. Steve Carell is just great. And congrats on winning a giveaway - always fun, and that sounds like one fab prize.

    Sorry you're feeling a bit down. Are you much of a writer? Sometimes working on some type of story or writing is good to do when bored.

  8. Not feeling like your brain is being put to its proper use sucks. I can totally relate. I hope things perk up!

  9. I love Toby. But sorry you're bored and tired and lonely :(

  10. So officially, Oregon and Alaska need to be closer together. Because I can seriously envision a night of The Office and wine and baked goods to cull the cold weather boredom.

  11. Oh and by the way I left you a fun award on my blog :)


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