October 31, 2012

Cost analysis.

Um, not really.

I'm really bad with money.

Like, I was always a hoarder of money...the worrier saving for a rainy day.

Now I'm a spoiled wife, whose husband takes care of the bills while I sit around watching t.v. and taking pictures of myself in my giant mirror.

I'm an example for no one and really have no business "analyzing" the cost of anything.

But Lin left me a great comment the other day on my Trendy post.  She implored me not to become one of those bloggers who pays $200 for boots and posts them as the "everyone can afford it" option.

Yeah, you know the type.

So my method for shopping is two-fold:

1.  Is it affordable?

2.  Is it durable?

When I started buying clothes for myself, I gravitated toward American Eagle, JCPenney's, and Target.  While I admit I can be a brand snob when it comes to purses, I just want my clothes to fit well.  And I want to be able to wash them without them losing whatever shape they may originally have.  I want to be sure of their dependability and not cost a fortune.

This is why I only buy super cheap clearance stuff from Old Navy because, let's face it, Old Navy isn't exactly known for straight-up quality.  Not in my book, anyway.  My mom, growing up, taught me to shop at department stores.  She really, I'm pretty sure, despises the fact that I wear Target clothes.  BUT Target clothes have NEVER fallen apart on me.  So that's why I keep going back.

Here's the breakdown of the outfit I wore on Monday.
(Let's forgive the picture.  The neighbors were outside and it was also 30*.  I'm awkward enough without playing "photoshoot" in the backyard.)

Linking up to WIWW @The Pleated Poppy.
Sweater:  Target, $15 on clearance last January
Scarf:  Lands' End via Sears, $10 on clearance in July
Dress (it's an empire waist, tie in the back style):  Kohl's, $11 on clearance in July 2010 (memory like an elephant, people)
Jeggings:  JCP, $10 regular price in Fall of 2010
Booties:  Target, $18 on clearance last week

I adore the sweater, I love the scarf, and I've worn this dress under a number of sweaters; at least once a month for the last 2 years.  The jeggings are also worn often, maybe once a week, especially during the winter months.
The booties?  Well, I bought them last week and see myself wearing them quite often.  They're like comfortable high heels!  I already want another pair, maybe in a slightly different style.

What do you think? These are out of stock, but maybe something similar...
How do you shop?
 I hit up Gap and Banana Republic for their sale items and LOVE their outlets.  I like Loft for dressy clothes, but you cannot beat a durable $15 sweater from Target.  Sorry, mom.
One totally jumped in my cart a couple of weeks ago too.  It's pink.
I think that was the same day those new plates went home with me as well.


  1. I get a pretty large percentage of my clothes from Target as well. They never let me down!

  2. My favorites are Loft, Banana Republic and there is a really nice J CREW outlet here. I also love target and here lately I have found some good things at Old Navy! :) I love your boots and it's too bad the brown ones are out of stock! Have a good day

  3. I have a really hard time paying full price for anything: clothes, shoes, food. My mom taught me to scour the clearance racks first. Then leave the store, lol.

    But shoes? Even if they are full price I buy the good ones. Because they last - and don't hurt. :)

  4. i'm one of the cheapest shoppers. I rarely buy things over $15. I do spend money on running shoes and I do have a pair of boots I bought for $50 which was a lot for me but I wear them ALL the time!

  5. When I shop with my sister, we always lament, there are prices for things that we will NEVER dish out, no matter how rich we ever get (hahah) No but honestly, WHY spend $60+ on a tshirt at JCrew when you can (pretty much) get the same thing at Target?? Absurd.

    90% of the new things in my closet are from H&M-- low price and high quality. And as always, Target. I like Old Navy, but about half of the time I find the fit to be off for me. I like Macy's for department store stuff. And NY&CO for nice work items too.

    Gotta say... I've been wearing sweaters over some of my dresses lately too and I like the look! ;-)

  6. Love this post & the fact that you got all of that outfit on sale. Who says you have to pay tons just to look good? Obviously, morons , that's who.

    I'll occasionally pay full price for something but if it's pricier than $50, I start to weigh my options haha. I'm cheap.

  7. I don't even know how I shop anymore. I used to shop sales at department stores and buy a lot of my clothes off the clearance racks at AE/Gap/Express/etc. Now...I don't even know. Honestly, I rarely even buy clothes anymore. I have next to no winter clothes because I haven't bought anything new in forever. The last thing I bought was a pair of skinny jeans, like 2 months ago or whenever. Before that, I think it was some clearance stuff at Forever 21.

    I hate shopping online, so...I just don't shop.

  8. It pains me to pay full price for anything. I shop mostly at Target (always go to clearance first) and Old Navy (thank for the military discount).

  9. In general, I am very cheap with clothes. I shop at Ross and TJ Maxx a lot. I hate paying retail for clothes.

  10. I keep going back to Old Navy, and I need to stop. Granted, I only buy stuff on clearance or sale. I've been trying to get more Target clothing, but all the stuff I like is full price! And I'm too cheap for that.

  11. I only shop sales, I love when Loft does their 40% sale prices. But I have to say, I have had good luck at Old Navy lately!

  12. Target will be the death of me. Well the death of our bank account. My hubby gets more worried when I say I am going to Target than if I am going to Nordstrom. I just can't justify buying super spendy items when "cheaper" clothes last just as long. I do buy expensive jeans, but they last foreverrrrrr and I live in jeans.

    I have yet to check out JCP but I have heard they have great boots right now and my SIL was wearing a realllly cute lace dress from there last week. I am a sucker for a bargain!

  13. You look great! I grew up shopping department stores too which isn't exactly the same budget I have now. I've started finding it fun trying to get a great deal, shopping sales and discount stores.

  14. I admit most of my clothing is Target, H&M, F21 and Old Navy - but I'm picky! That's the trick there. Pair bargain pieces with "nice" things like a good pair of jeans or a sweet pair of boots. It's all about how you shop at those places. Keep an eye out for quality. I have stuff from ON and F21 that I'm surprised by even 4 and 5 years later (after heavy wear, too!)

  15. I love those boots! Seriously I couldn't take my eyes off them. I Tend to get my clothes from all over! Thrift stores, target, big W (like Walmart) and then at little boutiques, for some statement pieces.

  16. I shop in a very simliar way to you. I almost never buy anything that isn't on sale. If it isn't going to hold up for a few years, there isn't any point in me buying it. And when I say a few years, I mean I still wear sweaters and other clothes I got in high school (I graduated in 2007). As a dancer, I use my own clothes a lot for dance costumes so that's something when buying shirts and dresses that I keep in mind.
    And I hate those bloggers who say a 50 dollar tshirt is totally affordable. No. A 12 dollar tshirt is affordable and even that pushes it some days with me.
    Great post...as per usual :)


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