October 9, 2012


That's "confessions" in Spanish.  I knew those 3 years of classes would pay off.

Tank: Loft // Sweater: JCP // Boots: From the Base Exchange //Skirt: Old Navy
I confess I wore my Steelers colors last Thursday.

I confess that I'm showing you the all cut off picture because the wind was blowing.  And this is what it looks like when the wind blows.

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I confess that when someone asks me if my husband is "home yet", I get horribly defensive.  I don't know why I have this reaction.  Just happens.

And for real now, if you ask me WHY he isn't home yet, I'll just (for real) punch you in the damn face.

When you ask me those questions and give me that sad look in response to my "No, no yet" answer, it legitimately makes me feel like I am doing something wrong by him not being back yet.  Or it makes me feel like HE is doing something wrong.  And clearly that isn't the case.  I wish people would stop making me feel bad.

Whew.  It felt good to get that out.

(Clearly, this isn't directed at my blog friends. I love my blog friends.)

I confess that I did not watch the debate last week.  I probably won't watch any future ones.  And hell, I probably won't even vote.  It's like choosing between the lesser of two evils.  There's a reason I'm registered "independent".  I can't make my mind up about anything.  In 3 years, I still don't know where I'm supposed to go in order to vote in Alaska.  I shouldn't be allowed to teach America's youth.

I confess that when two of last year's students came into my room on Monday to discuss what they are learning about Hitler and WWII in 5th grade, it validated my reason for teaching.  They already knew the things they are now being taught.  Because I taught it to them last year.  Maybe I should be allowed to teach America's youth...

A random person complimented my boots last week.  The person was wearing Danskos.  I confess that my first thought was, "Oh you like my boots?  How 'bout you getcha some?"

Didn't say it though.  I do have a bit of tact.  Not much, but a bit.
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  1. I don't get defensive but I get annoyed when I'm asked that question. Or when my in-law's ask if I've heard from him because they want to know when he's leaving but they know what I know. Seriously, I love your outfits!

  2. Love the outfit! I appreciate that it's Steelers colors because I love to show my colors in ways that are slightly more subtle. Also, if you punch one person, you'll never have to do it again. Js.

  3. I hear ya!!! I hate when people asked me when my husband was coming home and I'm sure I will get it again during this next deployment. Annoying!

  4. Bahahaha. It's nice of you to have tact.
    And to teach America's youth.
    But seriously. When is your husband coming home?
    I kid.
    He's working 1,000,000 times harder than I am, and I am very thankful for his service. That part I'm serious about.

  5. i appreciated that last one! :) I didn't watch the debate either. and I love this outfit!

  6. Blarg! I hate that question!!
    That and "I don't know how you do it"
    How the fuck do you think I do it?! I JUST DO!!
    Breathing now...
    okay, anyway... haha at the hair. yay wind blown look?!
    And I hate danskos. Yup. I said it, I hate them.

  7. I'm pretty much in love with your outfit. I need some skirts like that!!

    Ohhh Danskos...people think they ARE stylish, that's the problem.

  8. How about this news: 'so we found about kev will be heading to the 'stan in after we are done here.'

    every non-military person: wait, we are still sending people there? but the election!

    Me: yea...

    So I feel you on several levels on this post, my friend!

  9. I credit you and your wardrobe choices with last week's win. You'll have to wear that for the rest of the season now.
    I always hated that question, too...I wanted to scream, maybe he's not home because your husband has been home for 3 weeks and mine is still tying up your husbands loose ends over there. Agh!
    Yeah, that woulda shut em up.

  10. Love your outfit!
    People are nosy. And rude. And annoying. BACK OFF PEOPLE!

  11. Love this black and yellow combo! Visiting from The Pleated Poppy!
    Juneli from Fashionably Yours

  12. I've been steering clear of the debates & twitter when they're on. There's no way I'm getting sucked into that bs. Also, No clue who I'm voting for either since neither of them are actually going to help fix anything. So sad.

    Those are pretty bad ass boots.

  13. You crack me up...

    And I feel the same way about voting.. Cause I sure as hell ain't votin this year!!

    Wow... I need to go back to school with that grammar up there ^^^ LOL

  14. Soo he's not coming home today then huh? What about tomorrow?



  15. I love your outfits! I want to be you, in a totally non-stalkerish fashion way.

    And the debates. Bleh.

  16. As always, I love your outfits. How do you take pictures of yourself? I always want to do the selftimer but I don't know where to set the camera. A chair is too low and then I'm at a loss. lol

    Ahh I got crazy defensive and upset when Daniel was deployed and people asked questions too. If I want to talk about it I'll talk about it (and the person better not tell me they have it worse or it isn't that bad) but if I'm not talking about it, don't ask.

    It's rough when you're an independent! I feel like so often I'm torn between voting for someone I truly believe in who in no possible way will be nominated, or picking the lesser of two evils. Sigh.


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