October 28, 2012

Are you trendy?

I'm not a trendy person.

I always tried to look good, yet blend in.  I didn't want to be the weirdo standing out for the wrong reasons.

In high school, my strategy was to look like everyone else. Don't lie. Yours was too.

In college, kinda the same.

It took me a few years to hop on the skinny jeans wagon.  And tucking pants into my boots?  I would experiment with it in college and just pray that people didn't think I was weird.  (I secretly liked it, but it wasn't mainstream yet.) 

When I bought some brightly colored skinny pants?  I felt like everyone was staring at my legs.  And I was so sure I looked like a combination nut job-Easter egg.  But I HAD TO DO IT.  I'm so glad I hopped on the colored pants wagon.

When I moved here, I was able to tuck my pants into my boots regularly because it got to the point where I cared not what others thought of me.

I know I'll never fit into Alaska "fashion".

I mean, there's the Danskos.  The jeans all the time.  The all-weather gear, all the time.  The Bogs boots.  The pajamas being worn in a professional setting.

I couldn't do it.  So I started looking elsewhere...into blogland.  You shouldn't be forced into wearing clothes you don't want to wear because of peer pressure in your geographic region.

By playing off of my favorite bloggers who emphasize fashion, I'm able to look good...while being here.  (See:  Katie, Kelly, and, of course, Kendi*)

Do I fit in here?  Absolutely, positively not.

But am I secure in the knowledge that there are people out there who do dress like me and MaybeI'mNotSuchAnOutcastAfterAll?  Yes.

So I bought these booties for $18 at Tar-jay last week.  I'd been wanting to try a pair for awhile now.  Dude, I am so glad I did.  If we're being honest, it was another pseudo-Alaskan, Angi, who posted a pic to Instagram of some booties and I knew I had to have a pair.

Thanks, Angi.  I wasn't sure I could pull these off, but now I'm the second person in this state to have worn booties.  I'm pretty sure that, a month or so ago, you were probably the first.

We're a bit "behind the times" here.

What trends are you glad you tried?  Afraid to try?  
I'm not so sure about the peplum thing. Also, I don't know that I could ever pull off a maxi dress.

*People whose names begin with "K" are naturally better at things.

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  1. Super cute! I use to be stylish but lately not so much. I'm in a serious fashion rut. I'm stuck in 2008.

  2. Such a cute outfit! I'm not trendy at all, I need to try a little harder haha.

  3. a) I LOVE the booties! Excellent choice.
    b) You could totally pull off a maxi dress - anyone can. It's all about finding the right one. Or check out a maxi skirt and a t shirt! That's one of my favorite lounge outfits :)

  4. I loooe booties, and maxis for that matter. Maxi + booties = fashion forward and a great drinking outfit. (you know, because maxis hide the pooch, dont judge.)

  5. I love it! I feel the same way, and honestly after our little college days I was stuck in a "baby rutt" aka spit up and breast feeding two little ones back to back. I feel like blogging has made me step off my edge a little bit, and also made me feel more comfortable as a person! I'm still a new blogger! I love your booties and your outfit! Stunning.

    Ps. Colored pants...I felt the same way as If everyone couldn't take their eyes off me! Haha

  6. Adorable outfit! I'm just getting around to the skinny belt thing but I think it pulls outfits together so well. Hope you have a fabulous Monday.

  7. Adorable outfit! I'm just getting around to the skinny belt thing but I think it pulls outfits together so well. Hope you have a fabulous Monday.

  8. Very cute outfit!! I want to like the skinny jean thing, but I'm too short and my thighs are too muscly and wide for me to look good in them. Boot cup for me, forever.

  9. i love this outfit! you need to do a real colored picture of it! and I feel quite honored you included me in that list! :) my sister lives in vermont and they are mostly hippies who were fleece vests and winter snow boots all the time. So she feels out of place when she wears her colored jeans too - but still does it! thankfully you'll be out of there soon - countdown?

  10. 1."People whose names begin with K are naturally better at things"- totally agree ;)
    2. cute outfit!
    3. I was at an event where we were talking about "fashion for fall" with a bunch of seriously old ladies. Don't laugh- there's nothing to do around here. Anyway, they were making fun of booties! They kept saying, "I just don't get them." Meanwhile, I'm trying to stuff my feet under the table. Ha! I like them....and the people of Louisiana aren't really style icons by any stretch of imagination. Still, I like to fit in. #loser

  11. I tried a pair of peep toe booties. So happy I have them...and they're pink! Also, I searched for a maxi dress until I found one that fit right. They're perfect with flip flops. I added a Cardi & a belt and wore it on the first day of school. :)

    In college, I totally thought the jeans tucked into boots thing was stupid. Now, I'm not sure how to wear jeans that don't tuck into boots....

  12. I like to think I'm trendy but I won't wear something I don't like just to fit in. I wear what makes me feel good :)
    Love your outfit! Super cute booties!

  13. Look at you, you little fashionista! Next thing you know you're going to be writing a fashion blog.

    Um...if that happens, can I suggest you go with clothing us normal (aka: poor) people can afford, like the stuff you find at Target or Ross? These damn fashion bloggers are always posting clothes that's like $75 jeans & $200 boots. It's like come on now, I can barely make rent & my jeans are sewn incorrectly in the crotch so I got them for $10.

  14. I'm so glad there's someone else in the state now who wears booties with pride!!! And I love the ones you got, can't beat that price either!

  15. I'll try any trend as long as it's right for my petite body type!


  16. Umm...so not a trendster over here. I still haven't gotten on the colored pants train yet. It looks totally adorbs...on other people, though. Not me.

  17. This is so cute! I really like what you did here.


  18. I love that whole outfit! I want to try booties, but I worry I can't pull them off. I try to be trendy, but can't pull most stuff off, I just look ridiculous. Oh well! PS - I totally had a dream about u last night..we were fb friends and then you told me you had to unfriend me bc I was bugging you via fb statuses lol. I confronted you about it and you said, "well fine, your punishment: you have to move to alaska" lol. So random, I know.

  19. I love your blog! I felt the same way about skinny jeans. I finally got into the leggings this season and LOVE them!

  20. In high school/college I was also on the "look like everyone else" style train. It took me a while to get skinny jeans, and I still stay away from the colored pants. Maybe someday.

  21. im definitely not loving the peplum trend i think it looks kinda silly and then also the whole neon trend i thought i would be a walking highlighter by wearing neon

  22. Love your outfit!! I seriosuly almost wore something exactly like that today. Then decided I had to put my boots/jeans on because of the ridiculous rain!

  23. Ohhhhmigosh, you're so sweet to tag me ;-) I'm just like you though, a little worried to try new trends. My husband on the otherhand probably wishes that I would wear flared jeans, polo shirts, and doc martins still ;-)

    I bought my first pair of booties at Target last week too!! Can't wait to share them. I'm really loving them and yours look fabulous as well!

    The peplum trend? I do NOT think I can pull off and girl, it's like you're talking for me! Maxis and me just don't get along :-P

  24. Love those booties with that outfit! I tried Maxi Dresses this summer and loved it!

  25. I LOVE that outfit! Not gonna lie, I had to google "peplum." As soon as I saw the pictures, though, I knew exactly what you were talking about, but I had never heard the term before.

    I LOVE those booties, but I don't think skinny jeans were made for extremely hip-y girls like me (with wide hips and thicker thighs). It's hard for me to find dresses, too, that don't highlight my hips, but if I could find some that flattered my figure, I'd definitely like to try out this look!

    "People whose names begin with 'K' are naturally better at things." <--Heck yes they are!

    Thank you for encouraging me to expand my fashion boundaries! I am due to for a fashion overhaul!


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