September 5, 2012

WIW and WTF Wednesday

It's acronym day.

First.  If you're here for the nice, respectable, ladylike stuff...

Sweater: F21 // Dress: Target // Jeggings: JCP  //  Boots:  Steve Madden
WIWW @The Pleated Poppy

Second.  If you're here for my WTF moment of late...

My husband wanted to give a plaque to someone he worked with.  He wanted to buy it himself.  They are big.  They are expensive.  And he is not here.  The duty fell to me.

I went to a frame shop.  After waiting 1 1/2 weeks longer than they said it would take, I paid an unseemly amount of money for this plaque.

Then I needed to ship it to the lower 48.

Scott told me to pack it up and take it to the post office.  "It" weighed as much as me and was about as tall too.  Considering that I can barely get groceries into the house without damaging something, I said, "How 'bout I take it to UPS?".

I took it to UPS.

For them to pack it all up would cost $85.  Okay.


To ship it?  $116.


"How much for me to buy the supplies and pack it myself?"


"So it's a $30 savings to pack it myself?"


The thought of dragging the damn thing back to my car (where I'm surprised it hadn't busted all up anyway with my driving and whatnot), dragging $59 worth of packing supplies to my car, lugging it ALL into the house, and then spending my Friday evening awkwardly trying not to cut myself on a packing tape dispenser was too much to bear.

I'd already been procrastinating this for 3 weeks.

"Just take it.  I never want to see it again", I declared more dramatically than necessary.  The teenage cashier looked amused by me.

And to all that, I just say "WTF".


  1. I'm sure your hubby appreciates all you went through to get that for him!

  2. first of all love your lady like outfit! :) and secondly that would make me so mad! that is so expensive and annoying!

  3. Yikes...I would not be a happy camper. Love the outfit. I can't wait until it is boot season here!

  4. Shipping to/from Alaska is assinine.

    In 2010, I wanted to have 20 cylinder vases shipped here for our wedding reception. Vases, $250. Shipping, $400.

    I bet FedEx/USPS/UPS and all these companies sit around after we've just paid an arm and a leg for shipping and laugh their heads off at how easy it is to rip us off because we have no choice but to pay their ridiculous shipping costs.

  5. I hate having to ship things. Seriously. Not fun. Thanks for joining our hop!

  6. Wow that is an insane price!! I had to go to UPS yesterday to ship something and it really is a draining experience.

  7. I want your wardrobe! Especially the boots! Omgoodness. The ideas that men get into their heads. I'm sure he thought it would be no problem, an easy task. Ha ha ha. lol Daniel does things like this too. Of course it ends up falling to me. :) Thanks for linking up!

  8. That's too funny. I hate shipping. Love the outfit though. So cute!

  9. First of all, that's one cute outfit.

    Secondly, that dude must be one awesome coworker for the price of all of that. Geez.

  10. There are some luxuries that I will pay for over and over and this is definitely one of them. I'd say you went above and beyond the call of wifely duties here.


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