September 24, 2012

What the heck, guys!?

You were supposed to keep me accountable.

Look what I wore to school on Friday.

Jeans/Jacket: JCP (2011) // Boots: Steve Madden

Here's how I see it. When I wear jeans to school, I automatically try a little less (which is why I whole-heartedly do not support "casual Fridays"). I automatically try a little less because I HATE jeans and cannot wait to get home and put sweatpants on instead. I wear jeans ONLY on Fridays because, you know, there's the whole "casual Friday" thing. So it's socially acceptable in most work places.

Well, you know, if you live in the real world. I don't. I live in Alaska. I could probably wear my sweatpants and get away with it.

Anyway, when I wear jeans, I know it's Friday. I know that only 8 hours stand between me and 2 full days in my sweatpants. So I give up a little bit, starting on Friday morning when I first put the jeans on.
Therefore, my productivity ends around 3:45 pm on Thursday when the last bell rings.
So the real world's Friday is really my Thursday, because Fridays are wear-whatever-you-want days  therefore: I'm really only good for 4 days of work per week.

I need to stop wearing jeans on Fridays.

I don't even remember what I wore to school 2 Fridays ago.  3 Fridays ago, I was at the doctor getting all sliced up and stitched up.  The Friday before that was a PD day.  Might as well call that "sweatpant day" too.  I wore jeans.  And a scarf.  I mean, it was the last day of August, so it was sorta chilly.

Professional Development August
Anyway.  I bet you're glad you came to visit my world of crazy today.

And yes.  I'm mad at you for letting me wear jeans last Friday.  Way to go, "friends".

If you're really sorry, I prefer condolences in the form of marshmallows and ice cream.  Tiffany jewelry works too.

(Tiffany's mails catalogs to our house in Scott's name.  They usually arrive the same day as the Cabela's ones.  I get a particular kick out of this.)

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  1. I feel particular guilt when I wear jeans to work on Mondays. I try really hard not to, but today, no dice. I wore jeans.
    At least you wait until Friday to wear jeans. You could be like me and just toss the towel in at the beginning of the week! ;)

  2. Don't get yourself any jeggings then because those are basically pajamas and you'll get even less done!

  3. Is it terrible that I work in a really casual office and wear jeans or leggings to work almost every single day?

    In my defense, I wear cute shirts/sweaters/dresses with them!

  4. what you need to do then is take a picture of your outfit on instagram on that morning and we can tell you to change! :) I usually wear jeans on Fridays too and don't count as I real work day as best as I can!

  5. Haha so sorry we all dropped the ball! :) Gotta love those Cabela's catalogs!

  6. Bahahah I love that you're mad that you wore jeans. I'm wearing jeans for the first time since starting my new job, and I am just so grateful that I can wear them to work again :) I still wore pearls though so that makes up for it!

  7. I'm actually the opposite. I actually get more done and am in a MUCH better mood when I wear jeans to work on Friday. I love jeans & I am a much happier person when I am comfortable. That being said, when I'm in a dressed up outfit that I love and am comfortable in, I get the same result.

    Take from that what you will. There is not much of a point to this comment. lol :)

  8. Jeans were dressy at the high school I worked at, ha! :) You always look super cute.

  9. Dude. You hit the nail on the head here. I hate how everyone (especially here in AK) is so casual all the time. You're right, if you dress too casual you try a little less hard.

    That reminds me...I should get rid of some of these yoga pants.

  10. LOVE your boots! new follower - hope to get a follow back

  11. I actually really, really love wearing jeans, so I wear them when I can. I've never owned a pair of slacks that fits right so I stay away from them when possible.
    And hey, I gotta say, I met a lady who owns 18 pairs of Danskos a few weeks ago and I thought of you. And our shared dislike of danskos. :P


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