September 10, 2012

Let's Talk

Let's talk about how I've become quite skillful at seeking out sources of heat wherever I go.

Let's talk about how I almost hit a black bear with my car on Saturday.  That would've been a neat story.  And then Scott could've had his bear skin rug without the whole hunting part.  Win-win.

Let's talk about how we went on one of those pesky outdoor field trips last week.

Eh.  I guess they're an okay-looking bunch.  From this angle anyway.

Let's talk about how I have 6 stitches in my head because I finally went to have this dealt with. #notpleased  Gonna be a long 7-10 days.  My ears are all itchy.  The kicker was that another one of those cysts popped up last week.  Which means I had one cut out from behind each ear.  Just my dumb luck.

Let's talk about how I've finally started un-friending people on Facebook.  When someone posts something dumb that I wish I hadn't seen, I un-friend them.  3 people on Saturday alone!  Liberating!

Let's talk about the fact that this is what the weather forecast looks like right now for my little corner of the world.

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

....happy Monday all!

Tomorrow:  there shall be ice cream.

Mingle Monday
YOLO Monday


  1. almost hit a black bear? those statements would make my husband want to live in alaska. where the weather one at the end would make me not want to live there! and I'm sorry about your stitches - that stinks!!!

  2. Wow. A bear? I would have freaked just seeing one. So sorry about your stitches. Yuck! And unfriending...I need to get on that. :)

  3. Wow. A bear? I would have freaked just seeing one. So sorry about your stitches. Yuck! And unfriending...I need to get on that. :)

  4. Bear? We hit deer in my hometown. We hit pedestrians in NYC. Not bears haha. And I like icecream!!

  5. I would have to seek out heaters too! You almost HIT A BEAR?? Good gracious. Yay for ice cream!

  6. I am always seeking out heat sources in the cold...I hate being cold.

  7. Ugh, I wish all we had were black bears...I guess I'm glad we don't have both, though. We almost hit a brown bear a year or so ago, I'm pretty sure the bear would have fared better than our vehicle though.

    Pesky outdoor field

  8. 6 *thunk* That was me passing out. I almost cried over the flu mist. :/

  9. I must say, that is the first time I have ever heard someone say that they "almost hit a black bear" with their car. For reals?! That is crazy! I am glad that you didn't! I imagine they do more damage than deer.

    Thank you for the warning about googling the images. I almost did, but I hate seeing things I cannot unsee. I hope that it gets better for you and that you no longer need to keep getting stitches in your head.

    I am always cold. I like to be comfortable, not cold, not hot, comfortable. Apparently people think I should have much tougher skin, since I am from Minnesota. Nope, I'm a freeze baby!

    Stay warm!

  10. Ok, so you didn't put the google PSA in this post. But, obviously, I clicked on the link and that's where it was. Either way, I'm still thankful :)

  11. A black bear! Did you give him a hug!!

  12. LOVE that weather forecast picture, but NOT your actual weather forecast. :( The only time I'm excited to hear about winter coming is if/when it's associated with the Starks.


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