July 5, 2012

It's OK 7/5 and Thankful Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that ninja'd my way into the neighbors' driveway to get this picture.

I told you they were hillbillies.

It's okay that I got a new computer.

Yepperdoodle.  He took me to Best Buy and bought me a MacBook Pro.  I tried to resist.  Really.

It's okay that my husband also bought me a pistol.

Strangely enough, I'm a better shot with the big gun.  (Note:  This is my "in case zombies attack gun".)

Also, I have a weird quirk in which I cannot close my left eye on its own.  Therefore, I cannot shoot right-handed if there's a scope involved.  I shoot with my left hand.  Weirdooooo......

For the record...

It's not okay that there are ugly shoes galore at the mall...being purchased by people.  I don't care who you are.  Those butterflies on your shoes, you grown woman you, are not okay.  These would all look adorable...on a 3 year old.

It's also not okay that boots had to come back out this past week.  Sonofabeepbeepbeep,Alaska,Ihateyou.

As Scott and I were walking in downtown Anchorage on a 57* July day, I was counting tourists with fanny packs and he was just wishing all people everywhere would go away...and he mentioned that the weather wasn't exactly ideal.  You think, darling?

For Thankful Thursdays at The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargraves?

I'm thankful that my husband is home for a bit.  That is all.


  1. macbook pros are the best! mine was the best money i ever spent!

  2. Haha, oh my word! Your neighbors. I just have no words. I'm glad your husband is back for a bit!

  3. That is the BEST thankful EVER! :)

  4. First, I'm glad you succumbed to a Mac! They are the best and you won't be sorry. Secondly, with those kind of neighbors, no wonder you're armed & dangerous:-D And, lastly, I agree about the shoes--we're not all Madonna or Katy Perry and can get away with that look!!
    Happy Thursday, dear friend XOXO

  5. It seems as though AK weather has been replaced by WA weather. It just started getting summerlike yesterday thank goodness! I'll be hoping for some more summer for you guys up there :)

  6. Okay. I think I'm mad at you. A new mac!!!!???? I'm seeing green over here, lol.

  7. Seriously...this Texas/Alaska rivalry is totally new to me and I am a life long Texan.

  8. I only started hearing about the texas/alaska fight when we got to Alaska. I think it's only alaska that hates texas and texas knows nothing about it. Haha.
    And i totally agree about the weather. It's been rainy and 50-60 here all week and then the sun comes out at night just enough to make us all pretty miserable right at bedtime, yay sun! <-- sarcasm.

  9. Those shoes are hideous! As a shoe-obsessed girl, I am offended that people would even buy such things. @Susan, I don't even think Madonna or Katy Perry could pull off that look! lol :)

    I'm so glad your husband is home for a bit!!

  10. I laughed so hard at the ninja story and the picture of your neighbors truck I nearly fell over! Great post and very cute blog!

  11. lol wow... that first picture is rediculous!! ha ha

  12. Bahahaha some classy neighbors you have there. I bet they'd be good in a zombie attack though. Hheeeeyuuuuu, git err done!
    Ummm awesome gifts, too. MacBook AND pistol?! Man, just another reason why we can't wait to get back to Texas so we can get some weapons.... and be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.
    Glad you're enjoying your time, lady!

  13. Who the hell actually puts those awful bumper stickers on their car? Wow.

    You got a new laptop & gun? Damn, I'm SO jealous. Congratulations on the new toys sweets :)

  14. Girl, just stumbled upon your blog - you made me laugh and I love your pics :)

    Excited to read more - hadn't heard of the "it's ok" link up - love it!



  15. So speaking of hating Alaska, I totally thought about you while I was in Montana last week (in that totally-not-creepy-but-hey-I-read-her-blog-and-it-crossed-my-mind kinda way, haha)... Anyway, my friend and I ended up driving through Yellowstone (ok, we might have been in Wyoming at this point) and there were all these warnings about the chance of a rogue moose chasing you down because they can run 3x faster than a human and I thought about a) the opening scene of Northern Exposure and b) that I would live in constant fear of a mooseing if I lived in Alaska.

    End rambling about a moose.


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